One of My Adventures in Spuzzum -- Part III

Joe pulled out a tent and we bedded up for the night. Can you imagine the sight which met my eyeballs when we awoke?

We were on the railroad track and a 90 M.P.H. express was heading for us!!

On came the train, thrashing, rumbling, smashing, roaring, rolling, squeaking....

Suddenly I pulled out a brick wall and placed it on the track. The train crashed into the wall, bursting into flames, and killing all the passengers, but we were saved. "That was a close one," said Joe, who is taken to wise phrases.

I folded up the brick wall and placed it back. All of a suddenly I decided that we should get out of there in case something happened. Joe thought the same thing too. So we did. We began to walk where the green shores of the Big Mighty Old Fraser River touch the light gray rocks of the new land (away from the smell of the burning bodies).

Suddenly, Joe exclaimed, "Aha!" Someone had abandoned a helicopter on a rock in the middle of the Big Mighty Old Fraser! All of a quickly we swam across to the island, fighting off great hoardes of piranha fish. But then we got hungry so we went back to the train wreck (where I had left my lunch kit). On opening my lunch kit, I found it was empty, so I pulled out another one .

After an all of a sudden quickly lunch, we immediately began to search for a way out. "Look!" said Joe! He was right! In the distance we could see a cloud of dust which disappeared eventually.

I then noticed that the sun had just gone into eclipse, so I took off my sunglasses and Joe put on his clothes.

All of a sudden, a flock of giant buzzards attacked us from the air, but the flying piranhas ate them.

As everything was quite dark. we decided to look for another place for which to under bed down by....

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