Haney Central PTA Concert Big Success

(Author and Date Unknown)

The enthusiasm of the more than 700 people who attended on Friday evening was most rewarding. To the performers and the executive members of the P-TA all of whom gave most generously of their time and energy to make this evening a tremendous success.

The various acts were ably introduced by Mr. Gordon Grant who delighted the audience with his humorous anecdotes.

The rendition, of many old favorites by Mrs. Morse and Mrs. Suddaby, on two pianos, was very much enjoyed.

The puppet play presented by a Junior High School group, known as the “Three Puppeteers”, was just delightful and done in a very professional manner. The young people in this talented group are Michael Quigley, Ron Williams, Graham Bleasdale and Stan Hackinen.

Mr. Smith performed some amazing feats during his magic act, all of which were closely followed by the many budding Houdinis in the audience.

Draws took place between acts with the prizes making three lucky children very happy. The candy went like the proverbial hotcakes as did the evergreen wreaths and sprays.

Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who contributed so much to make this truly a Christmas Family Fun Night.

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