M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, June 3, 1965

Elections for next year’s Student Council executives were held Thursday, May 27. Campaign speeches were heard on Thursday morning at a special assembly.

Nominees for the various positions were: president, Howard Baker, John Hingston, Michael Quigley: vice-president, Wayne Desjardins, Cathy Rhodes, Dilys Wilton; Boys’ Sports rep., Doug Harper, Marvin Scheirer: Girls’ Sports rep., Sue Greenwell, Sherry Moyer; social convenor, Ewen Cameron, Karen Hemminger:; secretary, Julie Flowerdew, Faye Thorp.

Results of the elections are as follows: president, Michael Quigley; vice- president, Cathy Rhodes; secretary; Faye Thorp: social convenor, Ewen Cameron; Boys’ Sports rep., Marvin Scheirer; Girls’ Sports rep., Sherry Moyer.


The M.R.S.S.S. awards and banquet was held Friday evening. May 28. The awards presented were as follows:

Academic awards, presented by Miss Kerr: Highest academic achievement trophies for Grade 12 Boys and Girls, to Eddy Stipp and Alice Kleaman. Large block letters and bars to Pauline Craig, Lynn Fraser, Sandy Morrison, Barbara Trethewey, Dawne Verigin. Small block letters and bars to Toni Arber, Elaine Hansen, Gabrielle Hunken, Glen Nyhus, Vivian Salvail. Honourable mention: Teresa Funk, Evelyn Godfrey, Lynne Taber, Trevor Wilson.

Activity awards, presented by Mr. Hooge: Large block letters and bars to Pauline Craig, David Harris, Linda Logan, Lenore Lynch, Lynne Taber, Faith Ward. Small block letters and bars to Sharon Murgatroyd, Diane Rowe, Vivian Salvail. Honourable mention to Randy Arber and Eddy Stipp.

Student Council Crests were presented by Mr. Warner to Dave Harris, president; Mary-Ellen Hay, secretary; Linda Logan, treasurer; Lynne Taber, social convenor; Randy Arber, girls’ sports rep.; Robert King; boys’ sports rep.; and to the following division reps: Douglas Dalton, Maureen Emmerson, Lenore Lynch, Sharon Murgatroyd, Faith Ward, and Lynne White.

Boys’ athletic awards, presented by Mr. Andreasen: the outstanding athlete trophy to Greg Sharpe; large block letters and bars to Robert King and Greg Sharpe; small block letters and bars to David Harris, Eddy Stipp, Robert Norton. Most valuable player crests: Senior soccer, presented by Mr. Lane to Eddy Stipp; senior basketball, presented by Mr. Andreasen to Dave Harris.

Girls’ athletic awards, presented by Mrs. McKinlay: the outstanding athlete trophy to Karen Emery; large block letters and bars to Randy Arber, Toni Arber, Lenore Lynch, Carol Spady, Theresa Yadernuk; most valuable player crests — in volleyball to Toni Arber; and in Track and Field, to Karen Emery.

Cheerleaders’ Crests were presented to Faith Ward, Lynne White, Susan Brown, Lynne Taber, Elaine Hansen and Sharon Hill.

Trophies, cups and special awards were: Nancy MacDonald memorial art trophy, Presented by Mr. Tyson to Diane Rowe; best commercial student trophv, presented by Mr. Warner to Lynn Fraser; MRSS industrial education award, presented by Mr. Lane to Glen Nyhus; best French 92 student book award, presented by Miss Poole to Sandy Morrison; and the All-Round Grade XII student trophy, presented by Mr. Voth to Eddy Stipp.

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