Thursday, May 27, 1965

The Nautical Exposition held at the school Friday and Saturday evenings. May 14 and 15, was very successful, in spite of the bad weather which turned up on Saturday night. Estimates placed attendance at well over a thousand people.

The stage show, on the quarter deck of the “MRSS Aquanaut,” began after the singing of “O Canada” and a word of welcome from Principal D.A. Voth. He then turned the show over to Master of Ceremonies, “Captain” Barry Henshall.

First on the program was “Songs of the Sea”, presented by the Choral Club under the direction of Mrs. Shaw. Included were selections from “H.M.S. Pinafore”, Newfoundland sea shanties, and some nostalgic songs such as “Moon River.” Jim Hestermann was soloist and Joan Smith the accompanist. Sharon Murgatroyd, president of the Choral Club, acted as commentator.

Following the Choral Club was a gymnastic display, parts of which were done to music from “South Pacific.” In the opening number were Sue Greenwell on the balance beam, Stella MacKenzie on the uneven bars, with Sherry Moyer spotting, and a combination of ballet and gymnastic balance movements done by Judy Clefstad, Linda McGregor, Bonnie Ward, Janet Van Poele, and Julie Flowerdew. Following this. Randy Hayter, Doug Harper, Pat and Al Thomas, and Howie Baker displayed their talents in tumbling and on the rings, springboard, and parallel bars. Keath Pulford, a member of this group, was injured earlier in the week, but acted as commentator for the routines on Saturday night. Next on board were the twenty-two “Aquanaut Moppets”, who gave a precision drill with swabbing mops to music from “South Pacific.” Completing the P E. department’s part of the show were Doug Harper and Linda Sharun doing the graceful Adagio Dance from “South Pacific.”

Between the P.E. display and the fashion show. Michael Quigley premiered his original piano composition “Theme for ‘The Socialites’.”

The final event of the Captain’s Review was the fashion show. Commentators for this were, for Friday night, Faith Ward and Audrey Whistle, and, for Saturday night, Linda McGregor and Marnie de Wolf. The commentators pointed out details about the fashions and their making. Modelling their own outfits were girls from all the Home Economics classes.

The Exposition, under the chairmanship of “Captain” George Lane, had contributions from many clubs, among those to be commended were the Stage Club, which constructed the ramp for the fashion shows and the scenery, and handled the lighting, as well as the various clubs which took part in the Exposition itself.

The Minnie Mermaid Room restaurant did a good business, displaying a sea food menu. The dishes were prepared by some of the boys from the Home Ec. cooking class. Davy Jones’ Locker, with its sale of baked goods, was also busy during the evenings.

Other excellent attractions included displays of Industrial Arts (woodwork, metalwork, and power mechanics) projects. Commerce (modern business machines), Art (watercolours, pencil and ink drawings, creative projects, and ceramics), Physics (demonstrations of experiments from all three Physics courses), Biology (specimens and slides of marine life, and a general display of work done throughout the year), and the Leisure Activities and Hobbies display (paintings by the Night School art classes, art works by MRSSS students, models, and collections of stamps, coins, and student writings). Also, there was a United Nations display of international flags and pictures.

Guides and ushers in nautical costumes added to the decor of the evening, which proved most enjoyable for all who attended.

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