M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, May 6, 1965

The Exposition of Practical and Fine Arts, which has a nautical theme this year, will be presented at M.R.S.S.S. on two evenings: Friday, May 14, and Saturday, May 15. The varied program, presented by several departments in the school, includes a stage show, gym displays, and musical numbers, as well as a supper and sale of various goods.

Tickets for the Exposition are now on sale from the students of M.R.S.S.S. Prices for either evening are adults 75˘ and students 50˘.


Grade 13

SECOND CLASS: Robert Axford, Stephanie Baltzer, Elizabeth Brooke, Matti Huhtala, Robert Lockhart, Al Peterson, Joanne Schill, John Struthers, Marieke Van Der Pauw, Annelies Van Der Pauw,

Grade 12

FIRST CLASS: Pauline Craig, Lynn Fraser, Alice : Kleaman, Elaine Hansen, Dawne Verigin.

SECOND CLASS: Toni Arber, Judy Clappison, Terry Funk, Donna Hamill, Gaby Hunken, Sandy Morrison, Glen Nyhus, Bev Romas, Vivian Salvail, Eddy Stipp, Barbara Trethewey.

Grade 11

FIRST CLASS: Barry Child, Wayne Desjardins, Michael Quigley, Ron Williams.

SECOND CLASS: Lynn Abra, Elaine Adam, Neil Arthur, Howard Baker, Mary Bleeker, Pat Blow, Bonnie Booth, Michael Cardwell, Gary Cleave, Dave Fraser, Bruce Hornidge, Brian Lang, Arlene Rhodes, Don Stefanyk, Drusilla Wilson, Linda Riddell.

Grade 10

FIRST CLASS: Kenneth Axford, Kerry Clark, Michael Dickie, Jean Dunbar, John Evans, Julie Flowerdew, Margaret Fogg, Bonnie Gustafson, Larry Gustafson, Linda McLaughlin, Cathie Rhodes, Ernest Scherck, Karen Shaw, John Van Der Pauw, Victor Verigin.

SECOND CLASS: Donna Appleton, Kathy Booth, Nancy Botham, Nancy Brown, Gordon Dewhurst, Ron Evans, Annelise Jensen, Ross Johnson, David Laity, Philip Leng, Joanne Morsh, Gail Murphy, Greg Ray, Doug Roberts, Edward Salvail, Marlayne Scarrow, Evelyn Thompson, Janet Van Poele.

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