What Makes a School Newspaper?

Thursday, March 4, 1965 (#2)

The Ridge Rambler, the newspaper of Maple Ridge Senior Secondary School, is one of the older B.C. school newspapers (28 years old, in fact), and is also one of the least expensive, selling for only five cents a copy.

This year the Rambler has a basically solid format, as compared with papers of previous years. Included in each Rambler issue are Editorials, a complete listing, at the top of the first page, of the staff members who worked on that issue, a Students’ Council Report, creditable Sports News, Social News, and Popular Opinion and Gossip Columns. The Gossip Column is the most thoroughly read part of the paper, and draws the most contributions from students. Frequently, in addition to these articles, there are also Letters to the Editor, Literary articles, interviews with student personalities, and record and film reviews. Jokes do not play much of a part in this year’s issues, as these are used mainly for space-filling, a problem which has not been encountered.

The people working hard on the Rambler this year are Ron Pound (boys’ sports); Neil Arthur (assistant editor and literary editor); Arlene Rhodes (business manager); Lynn Abra (students’ council reporter); Sue Gibson (girls’ sports); Donna McNab and Anne MacDonald (social editors); and Meredith McRae, Donna Newberry, and Wendy Ramsden (popular opinion); with Mr. Zebroff as sponsor.

The Rambler looks forward to publicizing future school events, such as the Exposition to be held in May this year, as well as fulfilling its expected services of informing the students, providing a place for viewing opinions, maintaining a quota of interesting material, and, in general, helping to promote M.R.S.S.S. to other schools, to the community of Maple Ridge, and to the students of the school itself.

The picture below shows the staff of The Rambler. From left to right, Neil Arthur, Ron Pound, Arlene Rhodes, Mr. Zebroff and Michael Quigley.

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