MRSSS Highlights

Thursday, November 26, 1964

The honour roll for November 1964 (based on the first term standing) has been issued and is as follows:


Second Class: David Barber, Lyn Blackwood, Elizabeth Brooke, Matti Huhtala, Robert Lockhart, Joanne Schill, John Struthers, Marieke Vanderpauw.


Second class: Lynn Anderson, Toni Arber, Pauline Craig, Lynn Fraser, Evelyn Godfrey, Gaby Hunken, Alice Kleaman, Nance Mitchell, Sandy Morrison, Glen Nyhus, Vivian Salvail, Eddy Stipp, Lynne Taber, Barbara Trethetvey, Dawn Verigin, Trevor Wilson.


First class: Michael Quigley, Linda Riddell.

Second class: Michael Cardwell, Barry Child, Wayne Desjardins, Stanley Hackinen, Bruce Hornidge, Anne McDonald, Meredith McRae, Kathryne Morlang, Sherry Soles, Ron Williams.


First class: Nancy Botham, Kerry Clark, Jean Dunbar, Margaret Fogg, Bonnie Gustafson, Larry Gustafson, Joanne Morsh, Linda McLaughlin, Cathy Rhodes, Ernest Scherck.

Second class: Donna Appleton, Kenneth Axford, Joan Belanger, Kathy Bol, Kathy Booth, Patricia Burrell, Michael Dickie, Julie Flowerdew, Gwen Ford, Darlene Hardy, Douglas Harper, Annelise Jensen, Mike Lynch, Gail Murphy, Greg Ray, Doug Roberts, Edward Salvail, Karen Shaw, Joan Smith, Evelyn Thompson, Victor Verigin.

The Win basketball competition finished last week with the Grade 12 team first, the Grade 11 second, Grade 10 third, and Grade 13 last. Total points in the Win competition are now: Grade 10, 12 points; Grade 11, 36; Grade 12, 26; and Grade 13, 22. The players on the teams were as follows: Grade 10: Doug Hackinen, Doug King, Fred Pazarena, Danny Stevens, Mike Lynch, Charles Hart; Grade 11: George Allen, : Marv Scheirer, Wayne Desjardins, Bob Brooks, Howard Baker, Keath Pulford; Grade 12, Greg Sharpe, Dave Harris, Chris Hawkes, Bob King, Ed Stipp, Bob Norton; Grade 13, Peter Threfal, Alan Downes, Brian Vosburgh, Bernie Lehman, Brian Campbell.

The Christmas social will be held on December 22, the last day of exams. The time will be from 8 to 12 o’clock.

Tickets are available from the class reps for the roller skating party at Edmonds Roller Rink on December 8.

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