M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, November 12, 1964

The roller skating party originally planned for this week has been postponed until Tuesday, December 8 because of various athletic activities.

Don’t forget to attend the Harlem All-Stars game this Saturday, November 14. It will follow a preliminary game between the Haney Esquires and our intermediate boys. Game time is 7:00, and ticket prices are reasonable.

On Thursday, October 29 at noon, the Senior Girls volleyball team played a team made up of staff members. The game proved to be exciting, as well as quite humorous. Making up the girls’ team were Muriel Kvern, Lenore Lynch, Randy Arber, Toni Arber, Karen Emery, Faye Thorp, Louise Hartney, Carol Spady, and Terry Yadernuk. The teacher’s team consisted of Mrs. McKinlay, Mr. Carmichael, Mr. Zebroff. Mr. Voth, Mr. Lane, and Mr. Andreasen.

This week, win competitions at noon are featuring inter-grade basketball competitions. More news about this next week.

Report cards were handed out to students on Monday, November 9.

Included in this column next week will be the first term Honour Roll.

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