M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, October 29, 1964

On Wednesday noon, October 14, a band contest was held on stage in the gym in conjunction with the “Win” intergrade competition. The bands representing the different grades consisted of: Grade 13, Ray O’Toole and Jim Hestermann on guitar and helped out by Howie Baker on drums; Grade 11, Graham Bleasdale on piano. Martin Holt on guitar, and Howie Baker on drums; Grade 10, Brad Johnson and Dale Allen on guitar, and Bob Pentland on drums. All the bands did very well, and Mrs. Shaw and Mr. Hooge judged Grade 13’s first, Grade 11’s second and Grade 10’s third.

On Friday noon, October 16, a very successful sock-hop was held. Music was supplied by Ray O’Toole, Jim Hestermann and Martin Holt on guitar, Graham Bleasdale on piano, and Howie Baker on drums.

A roller skating party at the Edmonds roller rink in Burnaby is planned for early next month.

The Harlem All-Stars basketball team will be coming November 14 to play the senior boys’ team from our school.

On November 3, a team of Maple Ridge students comprised of Eddy Stipp, Trevor Wilson, Alice Kleaman and Lynne Taber will challenge a team from Mission (at Mission) on the TV program “Reach for the Top”. This contest will be televised on CBUT.

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