M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, October 15, 1964

The first Grade Ten initiation held at the school took place on Friday, October 2. The initiation and social that evening went over very well due to the efforts of social convener Lynne Taber, Students’ Council Dave Harris, and their committees. The Grade tens acted as “slaves” for the Senior students all day, and took part in several contests at noon hour, with Division 10-F being judged the overall winner with eight points.

The first social of the year was held later that evening; approximately 150 people attended. Providing the music were the Hi Lites with Howie Baker acting as M.C. Sue Pesklevits also sang one song. The Catering Club provided the refreshments of pop and sandwiches at intermissions.

The winners of the Spot Dance were Brad Johnson and his partner. Sandy Livingston and Al Thomas were the winners of the Rag-Doll Dance, and Janet Van Pole and Bob Pentland won the Grade 10 Elimination Dance. A special thanks goes to Lynne Taber and her committees and the Catering Club for making the social a success.

The first Ridge Rambler (MRSSS newspaper) for the 1964-65 year came off the presses last week, and proved to be a complete sellout. Included in the first issue were interviews with all the new staff members.

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