M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, October 1, 1964

The first meeting of the Students’ Council was held on September 17 with the following executives presiding: President, Dave Harris; vice-president, Dave Fraser; secretary, Mary-Ellen Hay; treasurer. Linda Logan; social convenor, Lynne Taber; girls’ sports rep., Randy Arber; boys’ sports rep., Bob King.

Division representatives are in order of divisions: Barry Henschel, Kay McHallam, Doug Dalton, Maureen Emmerson, Lenore Lynch, Sharon Murgatroyd, Faith Ward, Lynn Abra, Sue Gibson, Karen Hemminger, Sherry Moyer, Michael Quigley, Lynne White, John Andrews, Julie Flowerdew, Bonnie Gustafson, Laura MacDonald, Alana Olsson, Cathy Rhodes and Mike van der Starren.

This year the Students’ Council sponsor is Mr. Zebroff and the financial advisor is again Mr. Warner.

Discussed at this meeting and a meeting the next day was the grade ten initiation and dance, to be held this Friday from 8 to 11. The Hi-Lites will supply the music for the dance. The initiation is closed to grade tens only, while the dance is open to all grades.

The impressive school annuals, “Ridge Echoes 1964”, arrived for distribution last week. The annuals, which had been prepurchased last year, were given out this month instead of last June so that the complete 1963-1964 school year could be included in them.

Individual students’ pictures were taken Tuesday morning, Sept. 22.

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