M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, June 11, 1964

The MRSSS Awards Night and Banquet was held Friday evening, June 5. The awards presented were as follows:

Academic awards, presented by Mr. Chell: Senior block letters and bars to Elizabeth Brooke, John Dittrich, Henry Dunbar, Keith Fraser. Jennifer Johnston, Joanne Schill, Gloria Solodki, Sophia Van den Born. Marieke van der Pauw. Honorable mention, Janet Carruthers, Helen Friesen, Matti Huhtala, Paul Jones, Hannah Lotscher, Karan Nielsen, Donna Phillips, John Struthers.

Activity awards, presented by Mr. Ivanisko: Senior block letters and bars to Elizabeth Brooke, Henry Dunbar, Keith Fraser, Jim Hestermann, Jennifer Johnston, Brian Pendleton, Wendy Rash, Gloria Solodki. Martha Tompkins. Honorable mention: Marian Fisk, Darlene Janke, Hannah Lotscher, Donna Phillips, Sophia Van den Born, Muriel Kvern, Danny Reynolds. Students’ Council crests were presented to Brian Pendleton, president; Grace MacDonald, vice-president; Gloria Solodki, secretary; Larry Nelson, treasurer; Jennifer Johnston, social convenor; Muriel Kvern, girls’ sports rep.; Henry Dunbar, boys’ sports rep., and to division reps from divisions two to seven respectively: Elizabeth Brooke, Keith Fraser, Heather Hincks, Hannah Lotscher, Wendy Rash and Sophia Van den Born.

Boys’ athletic awards, presented by Mr. Lloyd: Senior boys’ block letters and bars to Clark Hamilton, Robert Reid and Greg Sharpe (repeat winner). Honorable mention: Brian Pendleton. Volleyball crests, second in B.C. finals to Clark Hamilton, Robert Reid and Greg Sharpe.

Girls’ athletic awards, presented by Mrs. Wilkins: Senior girls’ block letters and bars to Jennifer Johnston (repeat winner), Muriel Kvern, Stella MacKenzie (repeat winner), Donna Pullen, Barbara Macpherson. Honorable mention: Margaret Struthers. Volleyball crests, second in B.C. finals to Jennifer Johnston, Muriel Kvern, Stella MacKenzie, Barbara Macpherson, Donna Pullen, Margaret Struthers.

Trophies, cups and special awards were: Best senior boy athlete trophy, presented by Mr. Lane to Clark Hamilton; Nancy Macdonald memorial art trophy, presented by Mr. Tyson to Carol Lizzee; best French 92 student book award, presented by Miss Poole to Elizabeth Brooke; best commercial student trophy, presented by Mr. Warner to Marilyn Brewer; Paula Martin memorial trophy, presented by Brian Pendleton to Wendy Rash, and the all-round grade twelve student trophy, a tie, presented by Miss Kerr to Jennifer Johnston and Sophia Van den Born.

The Grade Dance, held after the banquet, was only mildly successful. About 80 students and some parents attended. However, Principal D.A. Voth complimented the Grade Elevens on their work.

Elections for next year’s Students’ Council executive have been completed and the results are as follows: President. Dave Harris; vice-president, Dave Fraser; secretary, Mary-Ellen Hay; social convenor, Lynne Taber: girls’ sports rep., Randy Arber; boys’ sports rep., Bob King. Linda Logan had been previously proclaimed as next year’s treasurer.

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