Maple Ridge Senior Seconary School Highlights

Thursday, May 28, 1964

The International Exposition of Practical and Fine Arts held at the school Friday evening, May 22, was an outstanding success. Estimates placed attendance at around two thousand people.

The first show at 7:00 p.m. began after the singing of “O Canada” and a word of welcome from Principal D.A. Voth. Mr. Voth commented that the Exposition had done much to provide school spirit as it brought various people and departments together co-operating as a whole.

First on the program was an International Hootenanny featuring songs from different parts of the world. These songs were sung by the school Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Shaw. Lynne Stobbs acted as narrator and accompanists were Martha Tompkins and Jim Hestermann.

Following this was “The Maharajah's Parade of Canadian Fashions,” done before a backdrop of the Taj Mahal. Commentators for this were Jennifer Johnston and Diane Carlson, who pointed out details about the fashions and their making. Modelling their own outfits were girls from Home Economics 20, 30 and 91.

The Glee Club returned to finish off the musical part of the first show with more international songs. Then the Gym Club of the school gave an exhibition of gymnastics, pyramids, and a roman ladder routine done under ultraviolet lights. Commentator was Mr. G.N. Lloyd.

The second show broadly followed the first — the Glee Club sang more international songs, the Gym Club gave a similar display. However, fashions were “In the Shadow of Mount Fujiyama”. Commentators for this were Heather Hincks and Hannah Lotscher.

Master of ceremonies for both shows was Duncan Finnigan.

The finale featured a review of the best made garments from Home Ec. 20, 30 and 91, an outstanding roman ladder display by the Gym Club, and recognition of the best constructed Industrial Arts projects.

The Exposition, under the chairmanship of “Sir” George Lane, had contributions from many clubs, among those to be commended were the Stage Club, which constructed the ramp for the fashion shows and the scenery, and handled the lighting, as well as the various clubs which took part in the Exposition itself.

The International Cafe did a brisk business, serving such dishes as West Indian currie, Chinese sweet and sour, German weinerschnitzel, Italian spaghetti and salmon loaf.

Other excellent attractions included displays of Industrial Arts (woodwork and metal) projects, commerce (business machines), home economics (foods and clothing, art (pottery, paintings, and designs), as well as a demonstration of fibreglassing.

Guides and ushers in colorful costumes added to the decor of the evening, which proved most enjoyable for all.

Student Council Elections

Elections for next year’s Student Council executives will be held Friday, May 29. Campaign speeches will be heard the day before at a special assembly.

Nominees for the various positions are as follows: President, Dave Harris, Alice Kleaman; vice-president, Eddy Stipp, Lenore Lynch, Dave Fraser; Boys' sports rep., Rod Hardie, Bob King; Girls’ sports rep., Randy Arber, Gaby Hunken; social convenor, Lynne Taber, Lynn White; secretary, Karen Hemminger.

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