Maple Ridge Senior Secondary Highlights

Thursday, March 5, 1964

On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, eliminations were held in the auditorium for a representative from M.R.S.S.S. for the District Finals of the FVMPA Public Speaking contest. Speakers and their topics in the eliminations were: Doug Harper, “World Peace CAN Be Obtained”; Ewen Cameron, “How We Can Learn From Animals”; Arlene Rhodes, “Being a Non-Conformist”; Donna McNab, “Advertising”; Karen Hemminger, “Life Is Like a Baseball Game”; Louise Riddell, “We Are Slaves to Fashion”; Meredith McRae, “Freedom”; Faye Thorp, “What a Home Ought To Be”; Wendy Bailey, “Juvenile Delinquency”; Louise Hartney, “What a Home Ought To Be”; Marvin Scheirer, “What We Learn From Animals”; Linda Riddell, “Advertising”; Rick Cathro, “Why Go to the Moon?”; Linda Bowker, “Why Have Exams?”; Jim Lohnes, “Why Go to Moon?”

It was later announced that Karen Hemminger had been chosen as representative for the school, with Donna McNab and Louise Hartney as runners-up.

Social convenor Jennifer Johnston recently announced that there will be no more Students’ Council-sponsored activities until after the Easter holidays.

On Tuesday evening, Mar. 10, at 8:00 p.m., the Hairstylists’ Association of Maple Ridge will give a display in the gymnasium at the school. This program is to be presented under the auspices of the Students’ Council, and a silver collection will be taken. The Glee Club of the school, under the direction of Mrs. Shaw, will provide the music.

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