M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, February 20, 1964

The second social of the 1963-64 year was held on Thursday evening, February 13, with the theme “Cupid Capers”. Over two hundred and fifty people attended.

Through the efforts of social convenor Jennifer Johnston and her committees, the gym was furnished in cabaret style and gaily decorated. Colorful streamers separated the dance floor from the bleachers — these brought the people out on the floor because they also cut off the view of the stage.

Providing the music were The Nocturnals, with occasional help from Messrs. Joslin and Quigley.

The spot dance was won by Al Thomas and Sue Greenwell, and the elimination dance by Keith Purvin-Good and his partner. Refreshments at halftime were pop and Valentine cookies. Principal D.A. Voth complimented the students and committees on their organization of the social and added that it had been one of the best socials of the past few years.

Noon-hour sock hops are held in the gym at noon on Wednesdays, even though they are occasionally plagued by the faulty record player. It is hoped by students and members of the Stage Club (who play the records) that this situation will soon be remedied.

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