M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, February 13, 1964

A basketball game between several teachers and grads was held in the gym at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 6. Admission proceeds from the game went to the Students’ Council.

The game proved to be quite exciting as well as humorous. Players on the grads’ team were: Brian Pendleton, Brian Campbell, Keith Fraser, Jennifer Johnston, and Muriel Kvern. Players on the teachers’ team were: Mr. Voth, Mr. Hooge, Mr. Carmichael, Mr. Stobbe, and Mr. Lloyd.

A Valentine Social will be held on Thursday evening, Feb. 13, with the theme “Cupid’s Capers”. “The Nocturnals” will supply the music for the evening. Admission prices are: $1.00 for singles, $1.50 for couples. The social is being held on Thursday evening because of the Teachers’ Convention the following day. News of the social will be in next week’s Gazette.

Also coming up in the future is the Spring Exposition. News of this will be in future issues of The Gazette.

Rehearsals are now taking place for the three plays to be presented at the Night of Plays, to be held in April.

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