M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, January 30, 1964

“Slave Day” was held on Friday, Jan. 24, the slaves being members of the senior boys’ basketball team, who lost in the competition for selling season tickets to the games.

The day climaxed at noon in the gym with various contests between the slaves, such as peanut pushing, milk lapping and dancing. The lively day proved quite a success.

Members of the Honours Society enjoyed a choice of two trips last week, the first to see “Spring Thaw,” Thursday evening, January 23; and the second, to see the Chad Mitchell Trio on Sunday evening, January 26. Both, events were held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and both proved to be quite humorous for the respective groups involved.

The honour roll for January (based on second term standings) has been issued and is as follows:

Grade XIII: Second class, Lorell Chetney, Jeff Mellor, Carol Phillips, Lynne Stobbs, Annelise Van Der Pauw, Julia Whitehead.

Grade XII: First class, Elizabeth Brooke, Henry Dunbar, Keith Fraser, Jennifer Johnston, Gloria Solodki, Sophia Van Den Born. Second class, Bob Axford, Stephanie Baltzer, Donald Bedard, Janet Carruthers, John Dittrich, Helen Friesen, Paul Jones, Hannah Lotscher, Marion McGillivray, Evelyn Nagai, Karen Nielsen, Alan Peterson, Donna Phillips, Joanne Schill, Sharlyn Skogstad, John Struthers, Marieke Van Der Pauw.

Grade XI: First class, Toni Arber, Pauline Craig, Alice Kleaman, Ed Stipp, Lynne Taber, Barbara Trethewey. Second class, Randy Arber, Steve Richard, Virginia Ford, Lynne Fraser, Evelyn Godfrey, Diana Greeno, Shirley Hamel, Bruce Huddlestone, Gaby Hunken, Lenore Lynch, Nance Michell, Sandy Morrison, Vivian Salvail, Jeremy Sumner, Peter Tomlinson, Dawne Verigin, Trevor Wilson, Alan Yorke.

Grade X: First class, Pat Blow, Barry Child, Bruce Hornidge, Anne McDonald, Mary-Lou Maxwell, Michael Quigley, Arlene Rhodes, Ron Williams. Second class, Lynn Abra, Neil Arthur, Howard Baker, Ewen Cameron, Michael Cardwell, Gary Cleave, Dave Fraser, Susan Gibson, Stan Hackinen, Heather Irvine, Meredith McRae, Reg Schindelka, Janet Smith, Don Stefanyk, Nico Van Der Pauw, Dilys Wilton.

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