M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, December 5, 1963

Following is a tribute to the late president of the United States, written by an MRSSS student:

“The news that President Kennedy had been assassinated shocked me into disbelief. He seemed to be the strong leader that the U.S. needed to have so badly during these troubled years.

“Although he was only in office a short time, he exhibited tact and determination in his dealings with other countries, especially Russia and Cuba. Everyone in the free world feels his death as a personal loss.

“If he had been on the decline of his career, or even an older man, his loss would have been tragic. But the fact that he was murdered at the beginning of his career, when he had so much to give for his country, makes it doubly so.

“He was very popular and beloved among the U.S. people, and even we Canadians followed his term in office with interest, often agreeing with his policies. It was a needless death, that one man who did so much good, should be killed by a sniper, a man whose mixed-up emotions cost the world a great leader.

“I still find it hard to believe that it actually happened and it saddens me to think that this was the fate of such a promising young man.”

In the sales of poppies in the schools of the district, MRSSS placed second, contributing a total of $36.35.

The second-term examinations commence Friday. Dec. 13, and run until Dec. 20.

The Christmas social will be held on Dec. 20, with the theme “Candy Cane Capers”.

The recent skating party sponsored by the Students’ Council at the Port Coquitlam Arena proved to be quite successful. Approximately one hundred students travelled to and from the arena by bus.

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