M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, November 21, 1963

The honor roll for November 1963 (based on the first term standing) has been issued and is as follows:

Grade 13—First class, none. Second class, Robert Mang, Jeff Mellor, Carol Phillips, Annelise Van Der Pauw, Julia Whitehead.

Grade 12—First class, David Barber, Elizabeth Brooke, Helen Friesen, Jennifer Johnston, Gloria Solodki, Sophie Van Den Born, Marieke Van Der Pauw. Second class, Stephanie Baltzer, Janet Carruthers, John Dittrich, Bryan Dobie, Henry Dunbar, Keith Fraser, Matti Huhtala, Paul Jones, Hannah Lotscher, Katherine McHallam, Karen Nielsen, Janice Pearson, Alan Peterson, Donna Phillips, Joanne Schill, John Struthers, Brian Vosburgh.

Grade 11—First class, Pauline Craig, Lynn Fraser, Bruce Huddlestone, Alice Kleaman, Lynne Taber, Barbara Trethewey, Dawne Verigin, Alan Yorke. Second class, Steve Bichard, Jacqueline Bowness, Carol Fraser, Terry Funk, Elaine Hansen, Robert King, Lenore Lynch, Ernest Mostrenko, Vivian Salvail, Trevor Wilson.

Grade 10—First class, Howard Baker, Barry Child, Susan Gibson, Anne McDonald, Mary Lou Maxwell, Michael Quigley, Arlene Rhodes. Second class, Graham Bleasdale, Michael Cardwell, David Fraser, Stan Hackinen, Heather Irvine, Jim Lohnes, Reg Schindelka, Ronald Williams, Dilys Wilton.

On November 14, a volleyball game was played in the gym between the senior girls’ team and a team made up of teachers. Admission fees went to the students’ council. Making up the girls’ team were: Stella McKenzie, Jennifer Johnston, Muriel Kvern, Donna Pullen, Marg Struthers, Randy Arber, Terry Yadernuk, and Lenore Lynch. The teachers’ team consisted of Mr. Voth, Mr. Ivanisko, Mr. Carmichael, Mr. Stobbe, Mr. Lloyd, and Mrs. Kienas. The staff team won the first game, and the girls won the second, both of which proved to be quite exciting as well as humorous.

Final details of magazine subscription sales will be in next week’s Gazette.

Following is an open letter to parents from Mr. D.A. Voth, principal:

“The results of the first evaluation of work of students for the year 1962-63 have been reported to you via the report cards issued November 8. The majority of our students are doing praiseworthy work of which you may well be proud. Some students are having difficulties and need our understanding and help.

“Students know that all teachers are anxious to provide assistance if the students are willing to provide the necessary initiative and effort in regular classes first. Regular attendance, excepting illness, is a must if the best results are to be achieved.

“Parent-Teacher conferences can be of help to the progress of your child. You are cordially invited to meet your child’s teachers at the Maple Ridge Senior Secondary School on Wednesday, Nov. 27, between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. The counsellors, vice-principal, and the principal will also be available for consultation on Thursday, Nov. 28.

“We cannot stress too much the fact that parents are welcome to interview counsellors and the administration at any time. All we ask is that you telephone the school at 463-6231 for an appointment.”

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