M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, November 7, 1963

On October 30, an assembly was held in the gymnasium for the purpose of promoting various clubs in the school.

After the singing of “O Canada” and the school song, Students’ Council president Brian Pendleton introduced the speakers for the clubs.

Following are the club representatives and their respective clubs:

Wendy Rash, Bowling Club; Jeannette Hughson, Library Club; Sylvia Code, Red Cross; Evelyn Nagai, Future Nurses; Wendy Rash, United Nations Club; Elizabeth Brooke, Ridge Rambler; Ruth Leng, Inter-School Christian Fellowship Club; Peter Tomlinson, Stage Club; Drama Club (which included several short humorous skits), Clare Shorthouse; Jim Hesterman, Glee Club; Y-Teens, Gloria Solodki; Dave Barber, Chess Club; Mr. Chell, Badminton Club: Pauline Craig and Vivian Salvail, Costume Club; Randy Arber, Athletic Club: Marilyn Stirn, Catering Club (which included a skit).

Following this, Mr. Lloyd spoke on magazine subscription sales, after which the assembly closed with the singing of “God Save The Queen”.

Magazine subscriptions do not appear to be selling as well as was expected. It is hoped that the public will support the school by the purchase of these subscriptions, as the school earns approximately a 30% commission on each one sold. Monies from the subscriptions will be used for school activities. A “blitz” is planned for Nov. 10, when the students will canvass throughout the district for subscriptions.

Students’ pictures have arrived, and have been given to class representatives for distribution.

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