M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, October 31, 1963

Magazine subscription sales got underway this week, the goal for total sales being $1,000. The purpose of the sales is to procure money for school activities. (For example, the purchase of uniforms for the various teams.)

The school earns approximately a 30% commission on each subscription sold. Many special offers, not to be found elsewhere, are to be found in the subscription prices of certain magazines. Various prizes are being given away for the most subscriptions sold by a class in one day and also individual prizes which are chosen by a draw and are mainly records.

Special certificates are also given to students who exceed a certain quota. The sales will last until November 9, and on November 10, a “blitz” for subscriptions will, be staged, after which there will be a dance in the gym, the admission to which will be a set amount of subscriptions.

From Junior High column:

The first 8 and 9 social was held on Friday, Nov. 1. The theme for the dance was hard times and most of the 250 students who attended dressed accordingly, including Mrs. Wass and Miss Dragen, our P.E. teacher. The music was supplied by the “Trenchers”, consisting of Roy Fitchett on drums, Michael Quigley banging on the piano, Lawrence Pickering, guitar, and vocalist, and Gary Moberg on guitar.

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