Maple Ridge Senior Secondary Hilites

Thursday, October 17, 1963

The first social was held on October 4 with the theme of “Surfin’ Safari.” Approximately 200 people attended, the majority going along with the theme by wearing some costume typical of it. Records supplied the music — mostly “surfin’.” Mr. “Surfer Joe” Lloyd acted as semi-MC. Through the efforts of social convener Jennifer Johnston and her committee, the gym had been gaily decorated with balloons, fishnets, etc. A “Sugar S[h]ack,” constructed by the stage club, was located in the centre of the gym floor. Refreshments at half time were potato chips and pineapple juice. After, a short but lively singsong was held. Due to much publicity, the social proved to be the success it was hoped to be.

Permanent class representatives have been elected, and are, in order of division: Tom Morrison, Elizabeth Brooke, Keith Fraser, Heather Hicks, Paula Martin, Wendy Rash, Sophia VandenBorn, Jacqueline Bowness, Pauline Craig, Maureen Jones, Alice Kleaman, Carol Poirier, Lynne Taber, Graham Bleasdale, Sally Gardner, Karen Hemminger, Donna McNab, Michael Quigley, Marvin Scheirer and Dylis Wilton.

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