M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, October 3, 1963

On Thursday, September 25, an assembly was held in the gymnasium. Students’ Council executives and temporary class representatives were grouped on the stage.

After the singing of “O Canada” and the school song, the executives and the reps were introduced. Following this, secretary Gloria Solodki read the minutes from the last meeting, which were adopted by motion from the floor. Treasurer Larry Nelson gave the financial statement, and Jennifer Johnston, social convener, reported on the upcoming social.

Student Council president Brian Pendleton then presented, on behalf of the student body, a gift to Mr. M. Smith, former vice-principal of our school, in appreciation for his years of faithful service to the students and staff.

Mr. Voth presented Mr. Smith with a gift on behalf of the staff. Mr. Voth then led the assembly in a chorus of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” as Mr. Smith left to take over his new position as principal of Garibaldi S.S.

Mr. Voth then introduced the new vice-principal, Mr. Hooge, who spoke briefly to the students. He will assume his new duties this week.

The assembly closed with the singing of The Queen.

Much publicity has been given this week to the social which is to be held on October 4 with the theme “Surfin’ Safari”. Some of the senior Students’ Council members have been putting on skits during lunch in the gym as a means of advertising the social. It is hoped there will be a large number of students at this first social, as the number present may determine the number of other socials which will be presented in the coming school year.

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