M.R.S.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, September 26, 1963

The first meeting of the Students’ Council was held on September 12 with the following executives presiding: president, Brian Pendleton; vice-president, Grace Macdonald; secretary, Gloria Solodki; treasurer, Larry Nelson; social convener, Jennifer Johnston; girls’ sports representative, Muriel Kvern; boys’ sports representative, Henry Dunbar.

Discussed at the meeting was the first social which is to be held on October 4, with the theme “Surfin’ Safari.”

Also discussed was the idea of temporary class representatives who will attend meetings and report back to their classes for the first few meetings of the council. After this there will be an election held in each class for a representative who will attend meetings for the rest of the year.

The temporary class representatives, in order of divisions, are: Tom Morrison, Carol Rowell, Keith Fraser, Heather Hincks, Paula Martin, Wendy Rash, Joanne Schill, Lynn Anderson, Pauline Craig, Randy Hayter, Larry Nickel, Diane Rowe, Lynne Taber, Graham Bleasdale, Wayne Gaffney, Gloria Hooge, Donna McNab, Michael Quigley, Janet Smith, and Ron Unland.

During the past week, students’ cards were issued, and the pictures for them will be taken on September 26.

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