Maple Ridge Junior Secondary School Highlights

Thursday, June 27, 1963

On Friday evening, June 14, the final Grade Nine Prom was held from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. Approximately 150 people attended including guests. Music was supplied by The Nomads.

Towards the end of the evening, it was announced that Karen Munro had been chosen as Prom Queen. She proceeded up the ramp to her chair, which had been gaily decorated with flowers.

Refreshments for the Prom were more varied than usual, including ham and turkey.

"It," which had been widely publicized the previous week, was revealed as Mr. Hunken doing a burlesque.

On Friday afternoon, June 14, a presentation of awards and prizes to Grades Eight and Nine was held. After the singing of O Canada, principal, Mr. H. L. Draper stated the general purpose of the assembly and then read the names of those students who were entitled to perfect attendance certificates.

Presentation of awards and honorable mentions was made as follows:

Girls, Grade Nine athletic awards presented by Mrs. Lyster: Linda Dale, Louise Hartney, Karen Hemminger, Bonnie Hubbard, Mary-Lou Maxwell, Sherry Moyer, Janet Smith, and Faye Thorp.

Honorable Mention, Grade Nine: Anne Burrows, Susan Greenwell, Pat Lamont, Donna McNab, Linda Saether, Bev Steine, Terri Thompson, and Sandra Ulricksen.

Honorable Mention, Grade Eight: Cheryl Allen, Nancy Brown, Jean Dunbar, Debra Fahr, Nancy Hilbert, Laura MacDonald, Joanne Morsh, Joan Read, Linda Sharun, April Smith, and Donnette Swan.

Boys, Grade Nine athletic awards presented by Mr. Hunken: Howard Baker, Gary Cleave, Dave McLaren, Keath Pulford, and Marvin Scheirer.

Honorable mention, Grade Nine: Dave Fraser, Brian Lang, Richard Martel, and Terry Wildeman.

Grade Eight: Ricky Bertness.

Honorable Mention: Michael Dickie, Brian Gorrick, Ricky Howard, Fred Pazarena, and Jim Schofield.

The Gold Stripe, an award for outstanding performance, good sportsmanship and citizenship, was then presented by Mr. Hunken to Howard Baker, Gary' Cleave, Dave Fraser, Dave McLaren, and Keath Pulford. Grade Nine: Ralph Crittenden, Gary Dobie, Brian Lang, Marvin Scheirer, Brian Simonson, Al Thomas.

Grade Eight: Fred Pazarena and Danny Stevens.

The Red Stripe was presented in Grade Nine to: Ricky Cathro, Ralph Crittenden, Don Stefanyk, and Ron Williams.

Grade Eight: Len Rodenbush and Griff Walton.

Next Mr. Goodwin presented the Service Awards. Those in Grade Nine: Howard Baker, Don Moody, Arlene Rhodes, Marvin Scheirer, Donna Villiers, and Valerie Zeron.

Honorable Mention, Grade Nine: Lynn Ansell, Pat Blow, Nancy Botham, Anne Burrows, Diane Carlson, Dave Fraser, Susan Greenwell, Linda Hall, Denise Houle, James Lohnes, Meredith McRae, Sandra Norman, Wendy Ramsden, Beverley Steine, Faye Thorp, Drussila Wilson, and Shirley Wilson.

Grade Eight: Gerry Johnson and Judy Robinson.

Honorable Mention: Betty Schaldemose and Dianne Williamsen.

Mr. Scott then presented Scholastic Awards, Grade Nine: Howard Baker, Pat Blow, Bonne Booth, Nancy Botham, Linda Bowker, Barry Child, Dave Fraser, Marcelle Dumonceaux, Susan Gibson, Susan Greenwell, Karen Hemminger, Bruce Hornidge, James Lohnes, Anne McDonald, Donna McNab, Meredith McRae, Mary-Lou Maxwell, Michael Quigley, Wendy Ramsden, Arlene Rhodes, Linda Saether, Janet Smith, Faye Thorp, Linda Warner, Drussila Wilson, and Dilys Wilton.

Honorable Mention, Grade Nine: Lynn Ansell and Diane Burrell.

Grade Eight: Donna Appleton, Joan Belanger, Cathy Bol, Sandra Buchanan, Patricia Burrell, Kerry Clark, Michael Dickie, Jean Dunbar, Julie Flowerdew, Margaret Fogg, Nick Franklin, Marsha Gregory, Bonnie Gustafson, Larry Gustafson, Darlene Hardy, Faith Hoy, Annelise Jensen, David Laity, Wendy Lohnes, Joanne Morsh, Gail Murphy, Joan Read, Joyce Reimer, Cathy Rhodes, Doug Roberts, Karen Shaw, Joan Smith, Doreen Telawsky, Evelyn Thompson, Victor Verigin, Janice Wilton, and Ruth Clark.

Honorable Mention, Grade Eight: Kathy Booth, Doug Hackinen, Mike Lynch, Laura MacDonald, Linda MacGregor, Ron Rasmus, Greg Ray, Jim Schofield, and Donnette Swan.

Mrs. Lyster then presented the MRJSS Track and Field Grand Aggregate Trophy to Karen Hemminger for having received the most points in our track meet.

The North Fraser Valley Grand Aggregate Junior Girl Inter-School Trophy was presented to Judy Clefstad, who received the most points in the Junior Girls' field at the North Fraser Valley Inter-School Track Meet.

Both the Track and Field Grand Aggregate Boy and the North Fraser Valley Grand Aggregate Junior Boy Inter-School trophies went to Fred Pazarena, who achieved highest points in both these fields.

Student's Council President, Howard Baker then presented on behalf of the Students' Council, a new trophy, the House Shield, to the students of winning House Four with the most points, Ralph Crittenden, and Karen Hemminger.

Mrs. Buckley presented the trophy for the Occupational Class Girl having shown the most progress to Elizabeth Wilkin. Mr. Shields presented the trophy for the Occupational Class Boy having shown the most progress to Bob Houle and Harold Newman. Both of these trophies are new this year.

The G.E. Cone trophy for the Grade Nine Outstanding Student in English was presented by Mr. Cone to Mary-Lou Maxwell.

The Miss J. Mooney Memorial Trophy for the Grade Nine Outstanding Student in Social Studies was presented by Mrs. E. Tomlinson to Arlene Rhodes. The Mr. D.D. Mountain Trophy for the Grade Nine Outstanding Student in science was presented by Mr. Scott to Michael Quigley.

The winners of the above trophies keep them for a year, and receive a smaller one to keep permanently.

Mr. Draper then presented the trophy for the Most Outstanding Girl to Faye Thorp, and the trophy for the most Outstanding Boy to Dave Fraser. Finally he presented the trophy for the Grade Nine Student with the highest Academic Honors to Michael Quigley. This trophy is new this year, winners of which will have their name engraved on a plaque to be placed in the hall.

After Mr. Draper had said a few words, the assembly closed with the singing of The Queen.


The trip to Hollyburn Mountain under the supervision of Mr. Hunken was held on Saturday, June 15. It had been postponed previously because of bad weather and track and field meets.

The students assembled at the school around 8:20 a.m., and after a roll call, boarded the bus to leave at 8:30. The bus travelled via the Barnet Highway, crossing the Second Narrows Bridge, and on to Lynn Valley.

Here, the students took a dizzy walk over the suspension bridge two hundred feet above Lynn Creek. After a short rest on the other side of the bridge, the students reboarded the bus, which arrived at the lower chairlift depot for Hollyburn Mountain about 11:30. The hill going up to the depot was quite steep, and several students left the bus and walked up to allow it to make the steep grade.

The students then rode the chairlift up the mountain to the Hi-View Lodge at the upper depot. This took about half an hour. They then enjoyed their lunches and refreshments in the lodge. At 12:15 they set out on a hike up towards the top of the mountain.

Lakes and snow were part of the scenery, and the students began applying suntan lotion to ward off the sun's rays reflecting off the snow. Some of the students turned back about half way, but the rest continued on to the top, arriving at about 2:15. From a vantage point of 4345’ they enjoyed a magnificent view of all the surrounding mountains. They began their descent at about 2:35, arriving back at the lodge after 3:30.

After a short rest in the lodge, the students started back down the mountain by the chairlift at about 5:00.

The bus left the lower depot at 5:45 and after travelling over the Lions Gate Bridge and through Vancouver, arrived back at Haney at 7:15.

The day had been perfect, and the students all agreed that they had had a rewarding and enjoyable trip.

Many thanks go to Messrs. Ferguson and Clefstad who acted as supervisors for the trip, as well as the driver who not only drove the students there, but went along on the hike to the top, acting as guide.

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