Thursday, May 30, 1963

On Saturday, May 18, the physical fitness, track and field, and tumbling teams travelled to Playland by bus, under the supervision of Mr. Hunken.

The bus left the school at 4:00 p.m., and soon arrived at the Exhibition Grounds. The students had planned to tour the B.C. Building, but unfortunately found it closed.

From there they went to the main attraction, the roller coaster. Everyone had at least one ride on it, some having as many as fifteen. The group then separated and patronized such other attractions as the Tilt-a-Whirl, Aeroplanes, and Goofy Golf.

At 9:00, the students boarded the bus to return. The students had enjoyed themselves and were glad that they had gone. The trip had been planned in appreciation for the students’ participation in the extra activities.

Elections for the next year's Students’ Council executives have been completed and the results are as follows: president, Michael Dickie; vice-president, Mike Lynch; secretary-treasurer, Kathy Booth.

A public speaking contest for the Grade Sevens was held on Friday, May 17 in the gymnasium, from which the following speakers were selected to represent MRJSS at the District competition on Friday, May 24 at Webster’s Corners: Alynn Corinns, Ann Harrison, David Langton, Barbara Trerise.


The track meet-sports day for our school was held on Thursday, May 23, the day being warm and sunny. Regular classes were held in period one, and at the beginning of period two, the students assembled on the field.

After a brief initial ceremony, the students branched out to the various activities. The events ran smoothly, but because of exhaustion among the participants in the half-mile race, this event was held at noon the next day.

The half-mile race was one of the deciding factors in the competition for points between teams two and four.

The final house standings were: House One, 148 points; House Two, 230 points; House Three, 175 points; House Four, 232 points.

13 Year Old (and under) boys

Broad Jump, Fred Pazarena (15′6″), Gordon Hampton, Stan Robinson.
High Jump, Fred Pazarena (4′10″), Spencer Bell, Barry Lang.
Discus, Fred Pazarena (101′), Spencer Bell, Mike Lynch.
Shot Put, Fred Pazarena (36′1″), Doug Barber, Spencer Bell.
Hop, Step and Jump, Fred Pazarena (33′6″), Mike Lynch, Jim Schofield.
100 yards, Fred Pazarena (12.0 sec), Gordon Hampton, Jim .Schofield.
220 yards, Fred Pazarena (27.6 sec), Gordon Hampton. Mike′ Lynch.
4x110 yd. Relay, House Three Team (58.6 sec.)

14 Year Old Boys

Broad Jump, Gary Cleave and Tom Holtby (tie) (13′11″), Dave Fraser,′Al Thomas.
High Jump, Dave Fraser (5′0″), John Carveth, Ken Heath.
Pole Vault, Danny Stevens and Ron Rasmus (tie) (7′2″), Peter Wise, and John Carveth (tie), Reid Festing.
Discus, Tom Holtby (83′6″), Ken Heath, Gary Cleave.
Shot Put, Bruce Hornidge (37′7″), Clark Chilton, Tom Holtby.
Hop, Step, and Jump, Brian Gorrick (34′1″), Ken Heath, Ron Rasmus.
100 yards, Gary Cleave (12.3 sec), Danny Stinson, Dave Fraser.
220 yards, Gary Cleave (27.9 sec), Danny Stinson, Al Thomas and Brian Gorrick (tie).
440 yards, Gary Cleave (1 min., 1.8 sec), Gary Dobie, Dave Fraser.
880 yards, Gary Cleave )2 min., 27 sec), Brian Gorrick, John Carveth.
One Mile (boys 14 years old and under), Danny Stevens (5 min., 51.2 sec), Brian Gorrick, Mike Lynch.

15 Year Old (and over) boys

Broad Jump, Richard Martel (15′6″), Brian Kindlan, Keath Pulford.
High Jump, Keath Pulford (5′0″), Brian Kindlan, Tim Pattinson.
Pole Vault, Keath Pulford (7′8″), Brian Kindlan, Dale Dickie.
Discus, Tony Milne (93′6″), Marvin Scheirer, Howard Baker.
Shot Put, Tony Milne (40′ 6″), Dave McLaren, Chris Cooper.
Hop, Step, and Jump, Richard Martel (37′), Ralph Crittenden, Brian Kindlan.
4x110 yard Relay, House Two Team (54.8 sec).
100 yards, Keith Paré (11.9 sec), Marvin Scheirer, Dan Hautaluoma.
220 yards, Keith Paré (27.7 sec), Marvin Scheirer. Dan Hautuluoma.
440 yards, Ralph Crittenden (1 min., 3.8 sec), Keith Paré, Karl Jensen.
880 yards, Ralph Crittenden (2 min., 26.2 sec), Doug Owen, Ricky Cathro.
One Mile, Keith Paré and Doug Owen (very close) (5 min., 28.9 sec), Keith Pulford, Howard Baker. (Keith Paré was acknowledged as being first).

13 Year Old (and under) Girls

Broad Jump, Pat Hubbard (12′5″), April Smith, Bonnie Ward.
High Jump, Cathy Scobie (4′3½″), Cathy Rhodes, April Smith.
Discus, Pas Hubbard (60′), Donna Pentland, Rose-Marie Janke.
Ball Throw, Penny Rafuse (116′7″), Rose-Marie Janke, Joanne Morsh.
Hop, Step, and Jump, Debra Fahr (28′8″), Pam Carr, Sharlene Carlson.
75 yard Shuttle Relay, House Four Team (44.4 sec).
75 yards, Janis Dunning (10.6 sec), Donna Pentland, Pat Hubbard.

14 Year Old Girls

Broad Jump, Karen Hemminger (12′11.625″), Annalise Jensen, Sally Gardiner.
High Jump, Shirley Wilson (4′0″), Sherry Moyer, Fays Thorp and Linda Sharun (tie).
Discus, Shirley Wilson (61′), Karen Hemminger, Donna McNab.
Ball Throw, Karen Hemminger (138′), Bonnie Hub bard, Shirley Wilson.
Hop, Step, and Jump, Judy Clefsted (32′5½″), Karen Hemminger, Joanne Cavill.
100 yard Relay, House One Team (1 min. 1.9 sec).
100 yards, Bonnie Hubbard (13 sec), Judy Clefsted, Shirley Sarlund.

15 Year Old (and over) Girls

Broad Jump, Janet Smith (12′8″), Mary Anne Scorse, Sandra Ulriksen.
High Jump, Bev Steine (4′2″), Barbara Low, Jane Fredricksen.
Discus, Mary Lou Maxweil (66′), Colleen Kilkenny, Louise Hartney.
Ball Throw, Carol Kindlan (143′), Coleen Kilkenny, Anne Burrows.
Hop, Step, and Jump, Janet Smith (29′11″), Barbara Low, Linda Dale.
100 yard Relay, House Two Team (1 min., 1.2 sec).

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