M.R.J.S.S. Highlights

Thursday, May 23 (#1), 1963

On Thursday afternoon, May 16, the students preceded to the Senior High auditorium, where they were entertained by a high school band from Ferndale, Wash., which provided a wide variety of lively musical selections. Class periods in the morning had been shortened and re-arranged in order to provide time for the band concert.

A public speaking contest for the Grade Sevens was held in Period Three on Friday, May 17. Final details of this will be in next week’s paper.

Examinations entitling the person with the highest marks in the test to receive a trophy are being written this week. Subjects included by these examinations are Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.

Campaign speeches by the candidates for next year’s Student Council president and secretary-treasurer were heard in last period, May 17. Voting will take place on May 22 in registration period. Candidates for president are Michael Dickie, Mike Lynch, Laura MacDonald, Joanne Morsh, and Cathy Rhodes. Candidates for secretary-treasurer are Kathy Booth and Margaret Fogg.


The members of the tumbling teams and fitness classes enjoyed a late afternoon trip to Exhibition Park and Playland on Saturday, May 18. There will be more information pertaining to the trip in next week’s paper.

The trip for the Grade Eights and Nines to Hollyburn Mountain by bus will take place as scheduled next Saturday.

In the track and field meet (inter-school) held at our school on May 14, M.R.J.S.S. received more points than those of the other two schools combined. This example denotes the effect that the Saturday fitness classes and the extra-curricular track and field training, both introduced this year, have had on the students participating.

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