Inter-School Track Meet Series Results

Thursday, May 23 (#2), 1963

A series of inter-school track meets between MRJSS, Pitt Meadows JSS, and Garibaldi JSS is under way at present.

This report deals with the first of these, held at MRJSS on Tuesday, May 14. A report of the second one, held at Pitt Meadows on Friday, May 17, will be in next week’s paper, and a report of the third, to be held at Garibaldi next week, will be in the paper two weeks from now.

The following abbreviations are used: MR, Maple Ridge JSS; PM, Pitt Meadows JSS; G, Garibaldi JSS.


Shot Put — 17-year, Bob Buxton (G), 41′4″, Phil French (G); 16-year, Keith MacGregor (PM), 40′0″, Chris Cooper (MR), Rick Jarvis (G); 15-year, Dave MacLaren (MR), 38′1″, Tom Holtby (M), Mark Knight (G); 14-year, Fred Pazerena (MR), 38′5″, Allen Noufield (PM), Duane Johnston (G).

Broad Jump — 16-year, Richard Martel (MR), 15′8″, Brian Simonson (MR), Roger Fathan (G); 15-year, Fred Pazerena (MR), 15′7″, Larry Gray (PM), Mark Knight (G).

4x110 Relay — 17-year, Maple Ridge (53.6 sec), Garibaldi; 16-year, Pitt Meadows (51.6 sec), Maple Ridge, Garibaldi; 15-year, Maple Ridge (54.5 sec), Pitt Meadows, Garibaldi; 14-year, Maple Ridge (55 sec), Pitt Meadows, Pitt Meadows.

100 Yards — 17-year, Bob Buxton (G), 11.5 sec, Keith Paré (MR), Brian Ludolph (MR); 16-year, J. Rice (G), 12.2 sec, R. Garvis (G), Marvin Scheirer (MR); 15-year, Gary Cleave (MR), 11.8½ sec, Mark Knight (G), Dave Fraser (MR); 14-year, Fred Pazerena (MR), 11.8 sec, G. Hampton (MR), Jim Schofield (MR); 13-year, D. McCullough (MR), 13.9 sec, J. Robertson (PM), D. Langton (MR).

440 Yards — 17-year, Bob Buxton (G), 61.4 sec, Keith Paré (MR); 16-year, F. Rice (G), 63.0 sec, T. Webber (PM), R. Crittenden (G); 15-year, Gary Cleave (MR), 61.2 sec, Larry Gray (PM), Mark Knight (G); 14-year, F. Pazerena (MR), 62.1½ sec, G. Hampton (MR), J. Schofield (MR).

One Mile (Open) — Doug Owen (MR), 5 min. 36.3 sec, Keath Pulford (MR), B. Gorrick (MR).

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