M.R.J.H.S. Highlights

Thursday, May 9, 1963

[Note sarcasm at the end, I think the name of the school changed from MRJHS (Maple Ridge Junior High School) to MRJSS (Maple Ridge Junior Secondary School), but the Gazette kept running the wrong name at the top of the column. - MQ]

On May 1, report cards were handed out after much work on the part of teachers (and students).

On Friday, May 3, a Talent Show was held in the gymnasium. The students proceeded into the gym at two o’clock after finishing a hectic morning. Several of the periods in the morning had been shortened to give the Talent Show a full hour in the afternoon.

After the singing of O Canada, Mr. Draper introduced Students’ Council president Howard Baker, who was master of ceremonies for the afternoon.

First on the program was Jim Low, who sang “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” accompanied on the piano by Miss Birch.

Following were Bonnie Kamp, Leslie Logan, and Alynn Corrins singing “La Paloma”.

Next was Linda Hall playing a piano solo: “Alley Cat”, after which David Langton sang the lively song, “Acres of Clams”.

Marie Doran then gave a piano solo, “Allegro”, and, following, Cathy Underhill gave a vocal selection, “Look for the Silver Lining”.

Following was Colleen Morse in a humorous song-and-dance routine entitled “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No” accompanied on the piano by her mother.

Then came Bill Johnston giving a piano solo, “12th Street Rag”, and Alana Olssen singing “Greensleeves”.

Bonnie Hubbard gave a piano solo, “The Bumble Boogie”, after which Wendy Lambright gave a baton-twirling exhibition to the tune of a lively march.

Next was Tim Pattison with an accordian solo entitled “Poke Along” after which Janis Dunning performed an impressionistic dance, “The Slave”, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Brown.

Following were Barbara Trerise, Elaine Williamsen, Cheryl Green, Carol Taillefer, and Sandra Walters singing “Aloha Oe” accompanied on the piano by Miss Birch, after which Donna Appleton gave a vocal selection, “Moon River”.

Graham Bleasdale gave a piano selection (untitled), accompanied on the drums by Roy Fitchett, after which was Diane Osborn singing “Tammy”.

Following were Joan Smith, giving a piano solo, “Fur Elise”, Linda Thompson playing “Danube Waves” on her portable chord organ, and Susan Pesklevits giving a vocal selection entitled “My Coloring Book” accompanied on the piano by Miss Birch.

The band, consisting of Michael Quigley and Graham Bleasdale on piano, Lawrence Pickering on guitar, and Roy Fitchett on drums, gave a selection which was a rock and roll-jazz combination.

Finally came Faye Thorp, Linda Bowker, Bonnie Booth, and Georgeanna Bush who performed an unusual comedy sketch entitled “Midget Romance”.

As there was no prize for the talent show, there was a drawing which was won by Tim Pattison who received a record of Roy Orbison’s biggest hits.

The show closed with the singing of The Queen.


During the past few weeks, many students have been training on the field and in the gym under Mr. Hunken’s supervision for several coming track and field meets. The events range from long-distance running to pole vaulting. Full coverage will be given, in this column, of any track and field meets held in the near future.


The abbreviation for our school is M.R.J.S.S. (standing for Maple Ridge Junior Secondary School) even though it may appear differently at the head of the column.

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