M.R.J.H.S. Highlights

Thursday, December 27, 1962

On December 21 at 2:00, the classes assembled in the auditorium for the Christmas Concert. After the singing of “O Canada”, Mr. Draper introduced Students’ Council president Howard Baker, who was master of ceremonies for the afternoon.

First on the program was a play entitled “Shivering Shocks” directed by Mr. Cone. The story told of a British scientist who had invented a high explosive, his friend, an army captain to whom he gave the formula, and the attempts of two Russian criminals to obtain the formula. In the play were: Dave Bruce, Dave Fraser. Richard Martel, Ken Heath, Michael Quigley, and Al Thomas. Prompter was Gene Mooney.

Following the play, the Grade seven choir, under the direction of Miss Birch, sang two songs, “White Christmas”, and “Go Tell It On the Mountain”, a Negro spiritual.

Then the newly-formed instrumental group, consisting of guitars and accordions accompanied by Miss Birch played “Star of the Sea” and “Silent Night”.

Following, the Grade eight and nine choir sang three Christmas songs: “The Huron Carol” which was in the form of a recitative, “Angels We Have Heard on High”, and “O Holy Night”. Between the selections, Susan Pesklevits sang a solo: “Silver Bells”.

Finally came the boys’ and girls’ tumbling team under the direction of Mr. Hunken which provided many lively and exciting moments for the audience.

The concert closed with the singing of The Queen.

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