Maple Ridge Jr. High Track Meet Results

Thursday, June 14, 1962

The track meet for our school was held on June 1, the day being warm and sunny. Regular classes were held in Period One, and at the beginning of Period Two the students assembled on the field. After a short initial ceremony, the students branched out to the various activities.

The events ran smoothly, but towards the end of the day they began to drag out, and as a result some of the events were run off on Monday, June 4.

The final house standings were: House 1, 285 points; House 2, 280½ points; House 3, 186 points; and House Four, 156½ points.

12 Year Old Boys

75 yard dash, Fred Pazerena (9.5 sec.), Barry Lang, Jim Schofield.
¼ mile, Fred Pazerena, 69.3, Mike Lynch, Ray Rafuse.
High jump, Barry Lang, 3′11″, Bob Moody, Doug Fraser.
Broad Jump, Fred Pazerena, 14′4″, Gordon Muth, Gary Gellner.
Discus, Fred Pazerena, 81′6″, Ray Rafuse, Barry Lang.
Shot put, Fred Pazerena, 30′5″, Ray Rafuse, Jim Schofield.
Ball Throw, Dana Quinnell, 167′8″, Gary Weighill, Ray Rafuse.
Relay, House 3 team, 41.7.

13 Year Old Boys

100 yard dash, Tom Holtby, 13, Ken Heath, John Carveth.
¼ mile, Danny Stinson, 65.6, Ken Heath, Wayne Scott.
High jump, John Carveth, 4′4½″, Clark Chilton, Ken Heath.
Broad jump, Ken Heath, 14′7½″, John Carveth, Tom Holtby.
Discus, Ken Heath, 80′5″, Tom Holtby, Craig Hawkes.
Shot Put, John Carveth, Tom Holtby, Bruce Hornidge.
Ball throw, John Carveth, 188′8″, David McLaren, Clark Chilton.
Relay, House 2 team.

14 Year Old Boys

100 yard dash, Ted Holtby, 11.9, Keith Bennett, Wayne Meek.
¼ mile, Wayne Meek, 64, Doug Dalton, John Lawrence.
High jump, Tony Milne, 4′7″, Grant Meek, George Allen.
Broad Jump, Wayne Meek, 15′, Tony Milne, Don Stefanyk.
Discus. Tony Milne, 91′3″, Colin McPhail, Dale Dickie.
Shot Put, Steve Kelliher (40′10″). Colin McPhail, Tony Milne.
Ball Throw, Ted Holtby (265′3″), Craig Stephens, Tony Milne.
Relay, House 1 team (51.8 sec.)

15 Year Old (and up) Boys

100 Yard Dash, Bob McLaughlin (11.6 sec), Keith Pare, Eugene Scherck.
¼ Mile, Keith Pare (62.5 sec), Bob McLaughlin, Lawrence Pickering.
High Jump, George Moffatt (4′9″), Ernie Tillotson, Tom McBurnie.
Broad Jump, Brian KindIan (17′1″), Keith Pare, Randy Bissky.
Discus, Tom McBurnie (101′2″), Herb Snider, Bob McLaughlin.
Shot Put, Bob McLaughlin (39′), Eugene Carlson, Ricky Groom.
Ball Throw, Keith Pare (217′), Bob McLaughlin, Paul Rehaume.
Relay, House 1 team (49.1 sec).

Boys′ Open

½ Mile, Wayne Meek (2 min. 43.6 sec). Randy Bissky, Eric Clark.

11 and 12 Year Old Girls

60 Yard Dash, Barbara Yadernuck, Debra Fahr, Sheilla Kelliher.
High Jump, Sheilla Kelliher (4′2″), Cathy Rhodes, Cathy Scobie.
Hop, Step and Jump, Sheilla Kelliher (26′3″), Janice Wilton, Barbara Yadernuck.
Broad Jump, Cathy Scobie (12′9½″), Debra Fahr, April Smith.
Discus (11, 12 and 13 year old), Wendy McLaughlin (52′10″), Susan Greenwell, Barbara Yadernuck.
Ball Throw, Barbara Yadernuck (108′), April Smith, Lynne Carlson.
Relay (60 yd.), House 2 team (35.8 sec).

13 Year Old Girls

75 Yard Dash, Bonnie Hubbard (9.9 sec), Shirley Sarlund, Karen Hemminger.
High Jump, Susan Pesklevits (3′11″), Margaret Patterson, Karen Hemminger.
Hop, Step and Jump, Karen Hemminger (29′), Sherry Moyer, Margaret Patterson.
Broad Jump, Karen Hemminger (13′4″), Judy Clefsted, Judy Robinson.
Ball Throw, Bonnie Hubbard (130′), Salley Gardner, Norma McLennan.
Relay (75 yd.), House .1 team (41.6 sec).

14 Year Old Girls

75 Yard Dash, Gail Hamilton, Diane Rowe, Billy Unger.
High Jump, Beverley Steine (4′3″), Pauline Craig, Mary Fairbrother.
Hop, Step and Jump, Jane Frederikson (29′6″), Linda Warner, Janet Smith.
Broad Jump, Tanis Rasmus (13′5″), Billy Unger, Janet Smith.
Discus, Donna Soles (54′7″), Leslie McLaughlin, Gillie Unger.
Ball Throw, Pat Seigo (141′), Tanis Rasmus, April Robertson.
Relay (75 yd.), House 3 team (42.8 sec).

15 and 16 Year Old Girls

75 Yard Dash, Sharlene Dobie (9.6 sec), Linda Abney, Sharon Bertness.
High Jump, Judy Clappison (4′1″), Randy Arber, Penny Street.
Hop, Step and Jump, Linda Abney (27′6″), Sharlene Dobie, Sharon Bertness.
Broad Jump, Lois Lazar (12′8″), Judy Clappison, Randy Arber. ,
Discus, Randy Arber (56′), Lois Lazar, Faith Ward.
Ball Throw, Carol Kindlan (128′), Linda Abney, Sharon Bertness.

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