M.R. Jr. High Highlights

Thursday, May 17, 1962

Elections for Student Council president and secretary-treasurer are now in full swing at our school.

The candidates for president are: Marvin Scheirer and Sherry Moyer, 8A; Pat Cordoni and Karen Hemminger, 8B: Bonnie Hubbard. 8D; and Howard Baker, 8E.

Candidates for secretary-treasurer are Jean Dunbar, 7A; Cheryl Allen, 7C: Mike Lynch and Linda McGregor, 7D; Joan Read and Cathy Rhodes, 7E; Faye Thorp and Terri Thompson, 8A; Colleen Kilkenny, 8B; and Donna Newberry, 8C.

Campaign speeches were heard in period five, May 14, and the elections will take place on May 15 in registration period.

Eliminations are under way for the track meet, which will be held May 24.

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