M.R. Jr. High Highlights

Thursday, April 12, 1962

On March 26, Open House was held at our school. The parents were shown into the gymnasium where an entertaining and informative program was awaiting them. The choir, under the direction of Miss Birch, started the program off with two selections: “Go Down Moses”, a Negro spiritual, and “Don’t You Go To Far Zambonga”, a Philippine folk song.

Following the choir, the boys’ and girls’ tumbling teams, under the direction of Mr. Eriksson and Mrs. Lyster gave a gymnastic display. Between the two acts, a group of students played a selection on their recorders.

Following the tumbling teams, R. Lester gave a report on the recent Canadian Education conference in Montreal, which the audience found quite informative.

The parents then left the gym and branched out to the various rooms to visit displays and talk to teachers.

In all, there were about 225 people in attendance at the open house.

The third term exams were held last week, the Grade 8’s and 9’s writing in the gym from April 2 to 6, and the Grade 7’s in their home rooms, writing departmental exams on April 2, 3, 5 and 6.

The report cards should be out about April 17.

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