M.R. Jr. High Highlights

Thursday, March 15, 1962


On Tuesday, March 6, the Bantam Boys' team played a game against a team from Garibaldi, winning 59-19. Two records were set from the game -- 50 points by the team, and 20 points by Bob King, who was the high scorer. Other high scorers were Don Hincks, with 16 points, and Wayne Meek with 13 points.

However, the following night the Senior Boys' team broke the record previously set, playing against Pitt Meadows and winning 60-28. Dave Harris was high scorer, with 20 points. Players on the team were Bob King, George Allen, Wayne Meek, Eugene Scherck, Sandy Morrison, Dave Harris, Randy Bissky, Bob Brown, Dick Bandringa, and Bob Brooks.

Cn Friday, March 9, the Senior Boys' team played a game at Pitt Meadows, winning 41-26. Dave Harris was high scorer, with 16 points.

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