Thursday, December 28, 1961

On December 22 at 1:30, the classes assembled in the auditorium for the Christmas Concert. After the singing of “O Canada,” Mr. Draper introduced Students’ Council president Randy Arber, who was master of ceremonies for the afternoon.

First on the program was a group of students reciting Clement C. Moore’s poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” After the group had finished, the Drama Club, sponsored by Mr. Martinow, gave the modern version of the poem. The curtains opened to reveal a beatnik “pad” which had just been the scene of a wild party. The players went through the actions of the new version, which was being recited backstage by a group of students. The play was heartily enjoyed by all.

Following the play, the choir, under the direction of Miss Birch, sang three Christmas songs: “Silver Bells,” accompanied on the xylophone; “Silent Night,” accompanied on the flutophones, recorders and piano; and “The Huron Carol” with Lawrence Pickering, soloist.

Following the choir, Mr. Scott led the assembly in the singing of several Christmas carols, after which the Grade Seven Boys’ Choir sang “Up on the Housetop or Beatnik Rides Again.”

Next were Pat Burrell, Julie Flowerdew, Lynn Sarlund, and Sherry-Lynn Dyke singing a double duet, accompanied on the piano by Miss Birch.

Then came the girls’ and boys’ tumbling teams which provided many thrills for the audience. Between the two acts, Pam Fehr displayed some of her acrobatic talents.

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