M.R.J.H.S. Highlights

Thursday, December 21, 1961

On December 15 there was a vote in registration period to pick the design for the school pin. The day before, the four designs which were taken from a catalogue were displayed in the main hall, After a count of votes, it was seen that Design No. 2 had won almost unanimously.

At Students’ Council meeting on December 13 it was decided that the choice of a mascot, if any, will be left to the sports teams. Plans are being made for the next social, which will probably be late in January.

Report of the Christmas concert will be in next week’s paper.


On Wednesday, December 6, the grade 9 girls’ team played against Mission in our gym. They won two out of three games, the scores being 15-2, 14-16, and 15-6. Players for Maple Ridge were Donna McColl, Susan Brown, Toni Arber, Randy Arber, Daria Ray, Donna Soles, Pauline Craig, Vivian Salvail, Diane Rowe, Sandra Ulriksen and Sharon Bertness.

The senior boys played at Garibaldi on Monday, December 11. They won two out of three games, the scores being 6-15, 15-2 and 15-11.

On Tuesday, December 12, the senior boys lost two out of three games played at Mission. The scores were 15-2, 14-16 and 14-16.

On Wednesday, December 13, the senior boys played against Garibaldi in our gym, winning two out of three games. The scores were 15-11, 14-16 and 15-11.

Players on the boys’ team: Dave Harris, Eddy Stipp, George Allen, Eugene Scherck, Wayne Meek, Robert King, Randy Bissky, Sandy Morrison, Ricky Bertness, Ted Holtby, Bob Brooks, Chris Blades.

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