M.R.J.H.S. Highlights

Thursday, December 7, 1961

At the Students’ Council meeting on December 4 it was decided that there will be no change in the school crest as there was no reason for such a change.

The subject of having a school mascot was brought up at the same meeting, and the class representatives were asked to have their classes vote on what they would like for a mascot.

The school pins should be available soon. It was decided that the school crest is too detailed to put on a pin, so a suitable design will be chosen from a catalogue.


On Tuesday, November 28, the junior boys’ team was defeated both times in 2 games at Garibaldi. The scores were 15-5 and 17-15 in Garibaldi’s favor. Members of the Ridge team were Tony Milne, Craig Stephens, Tom Holtby, Don Stefanyk, Bob Pentland, Marvin Scheirer, Darcy Krell and Doug Owen.

On Wednesday, November 29, the senior girls won both of two games played against Pitt Meadows in our gym. The scores were 15-7 and 15-10. Players on Ridge’s team were Pauline Craig, Vivian Salvail, Randy Arber, Toni Arber, Donna Soles, Donna McColl, Daria Ray, Susan Brown, Sandra Ulriksen, Sherry Severn and Diane Rowe.

Following the girls’ game, the senior boys played three games against the Pitt Meadows team. They won two out of three games, with the scores being 8-15, 15-7 and 15-13. Players for Ridge were David Harris, Eugene Scherck, Randy Bissky, Robert King, George Allen, Eddy Stipp, Bobby Brooks, Sandy Morrison, Wayne Meek, Chris Blades, Ricky Bertness and Dick Bandringa.

House standings are: House 1, 9 points; House 2, 9 points; House 3, 1 point; and House 4, 5 points.

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