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Subject: Henry Mancini Web Site

Received: 12/6/00 7:04 PM

[. . .]

Tracy Longo operates "Guitar Tech Corner" in Ventura, CA and Bob Bain is one of our many clients. Featured on Tracy's site are photos of Bob and his 1953 Fender Telecaster that did he did the original recording of "The Peter Gunn Theme" and "Pink Panther", et al. Bob was Mr. Mancini's long time guitarist and arranger and he was also one of the busiest session men in Hollywood for many years. He was also Doc Severensen's guitarist with The Tonight Show Orchestra with Johnny Carson for over 25 years. I thought you and the viewers of your site would be interested . . . .

Best Regards,

Dan Pollock
Saticoy, CA

Subject: Mancini info

Received: 8/8/01 5:59 AM

[. . .] Your story about Henry Mancini solidifed my wanting to contact you. The Penney's store is where I bought many 45s at 67 cents,preferring the 3/$1.00 cutouts across the street at the Woolworths,though my first purchase was in Gimbel's basement. During the summer of 1967, WFIL- Ch.6 ran "Peter Gunn" at 1:00A.M. and I fell in love with all the music.

Boldly, as I did Sergio and Herb that summer, I wrote Mr.Mancini a fan letter and months later I received an autographed picture, a valued "never going on ebay" treasure. The time elapsed leads me to believe that he really signed, but I really don't wanna know if he didn't. Stangely enough,I work as a shipping clerk for BMG, who, as you know, owns most of Mr. Mancini's work. We are allowed two free promo copies per month of anything they own and I have been able to fill in some Mancini CD gaps with my choices. You and I have lots of similar music favorites, another reason to write to you this way. What a cool set of pages you have created!

Thanks for your time,

Allentown, PA

Subject:  RCA Anniversary Series omits Mancini

Received: 10/13/01 5:32 AM

Dear BJ,

I'm sorry that I did not find this site sooner. No one has had as much of an effect on my music than Henry Mancini. From age 7 to now at 52, I still look to his music and his orchestrations for inspiration.


Onaje Allan Gumbs

Subject: Henry Mancini Discography

Received: 2/3/03 4:39 PM

First of all, I have to say that you're website to H.Mancini is awesome. I believe is the most complete I've seen so far. I myself started to know his music thru my dad, who had this cassette of Mancini for the car (recorded from one of his LPs) that had the word "Mancini" on the A-side and nothing more. The year was 1980 and I was 5 years old, since then I just grew to enjoy his music very much, even more how he made (songs written by others too) sound better than the original. I can't explain what it is, to me is just how different the music sounds when he conducted or performed.

[. . . ]


E. Centonzio

Subject: Hank Mancini

Received: 8/27/03 2:58 PM



I'm Matthias, I'm an actor, 40 years old, and ever since the mid-70s I just breathe Hank's music. I assume I have the largest Mancini collection in Germany and am his greatest afficionado. I know his pieces by heart, all the instrumentations, and every time he surprises me again. If there's another world apart from this crazy world, where "they're off", it is mildly, ironically governed by Mr Mancini. I did an interview with him in 1987. Even when he was tired and not that interested, a little aloof, he couldn't hide his deep humanity, sensitivity and charm. I can cry just remembering this extraordinary event in November 1987 in London. I'm so overwhelmed to see Monica Mancini continuing the Mancini tradition of romanticism and ultimate beauty with her CDs.

[. . .] By the way, celebrating Hank's 80th birthday on April 16, 2004, I wanna do a concert here in Berlin with singer and instrumentalist friends playing the best of Manciniana. It will be a labor of sheer love. Unlimited. I really do have dreams about Henry, sometimes I think I get nuts. But it's all due to his warm and fine work.

Yours sincerely,




December 4, 2004

Dear BJBear:

It was with complete delight that I discovered, via a friend whom I believe "Googled" you, your marvelous site.  My friend found the portion about your painstaking "restoration" of album covers utilizing Adobe Photoshop software.  What a great job!  I've been scanning and pasting together my albums, as well as my collection of antique restaurant menus, with Photoshop for years.

I then discovered the array of musicians you pay tribute to.  Kai Winding is among my favorites.  So is Henry Mancini.

Vis-à-vis Mancini, I don't discriminate.  I acquire everything.  Have you heard about Virgin's new release, "Pink Panther's Penthouse Party?"  It's a musical celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Mancini's grammy-winning tune, and the Pink Panther cartoon character.  The concept's aimed at modern-day hipsters who're into the post-retro "lounge" scene so some of the music leaves a whole lot to be desired, in my humble opinion.  Nonetheless, it's something to be investigated.

I plan on spending many hours viewing your "cyber-museum" of marvelous recordings, and reading what you have to say!

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Lewis
Group Director, Szechuan Tokyo Entertainment Group

Received in email on December 28, 2012

Re:  Henry Mancini and Walter Wanderley sites

Hello BJ. I really enjoyed your websites on these two fantastic artists, especially Walter Wanderley. To this day, I still listen to "Rain Forest" and "Cheganca" pretty regularly (these are my two favorite WW LP's). I am sad that Mr. Wanderley, like my hero Tommy Gumina, put out such great music and yet never received the respect due such great artistry. When I see and hear the absolute junk that gets passed for art and music today, I go back and listen to people like Mr. Wanderely, Mr. Gumina, Mr. Mancini and somehow the world is alright once more. Thank God for recorded music. Great job, BJ.  Joe Hartka (Record collector and musician)

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