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Sounds and Scores


[Version that was packaged with cassette tape]

[Version that was packaged with CD]

Henry Mancini, "Sounds and Scores", published by Northridge Music, Inc., 243 pp. (1986).
This book had its first publishing long before 1986.

This is the famous Mancini orchestration book. It was originally published in hardback form and came with 7" records so that one could listen to the illustrations (see photos below). Then it came with a cassette tape. Now it can be purchased with either a cassette tape or CD; in addition, the book has been manufactured in softcover for some time.

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In Ruy Castro's "Bossa Nova" book, the following part mentioning Henry Mancini says:  
"[Eumir] Deodato formed part of the very first bossa nova gang. He then retired to his apartment in Laranjeiras, where he spent the next few years sitting at a swivel chair in his pajamas, surrounded by piano, keyboards, and study desk, learning all about theory, harmony, counterpoint, solfeggio, arrangement and instrumentation by correspondence, with all the important books and course packets that the mailman brought him. One of the courses he took was that of Henry Mancini."

No doubt this course included the famous "Sounds and Scores" book and record set!

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orchestration set:

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[Version that was packaged with records]

Bio-text.JPG - Close-up of the biographical text included on the back cover (above).


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