The Box

S01E16, Show #16 -- First broadcast 1/29/69
Time on screen: Over a period of 40 minutes, 6 seconds
(not continuous)

Clyde, Ben or Dave
(character not specifically identified)

Walter is one of the convicts in the shower room during a tense incident at Oahu State Prison. He has a towel around his neck as if he was going to take a shower. Inmate Charlie Swanson (Gerald S. O'Loughlin) is roughed up by some of the other prisoners, and after he takes control with a contraband gun, guards are forced into the room to act as hostages to help Swanson in his bid to escape. McGarrett offers to take the place of the hostages, a plan which backfires. Complicating matters is the presence of the slimy dope dealer Big Chicken (Gavin MacLeod). McGarrett finally convinces Swanson to list demands which are sent to the local papers for front-page coverage. At the end of the incident, Walter, whose name is not specified, and who has been just watching things unfold without any direct involvement, is one of three prisoners who help remove one of the other inmates who Swanson seriously wounded with his gun at the beginning of the show.