Didn't We Meet At A Murder?

S04E22, Show #94 -- First broadcast 2/29/72
Time on screen: 13 seconds (still shot); 1 minute 44 seconds (video)*
* Some material edited out of the middle

Carpet Store Employee

Walter works at a carpet store which is located next to a bank where people have tunnelled through to the vault and ripped off the cash. He is obviously a "valued employee" because he and three others set up a scam where the cops and Five-O follow a truck which they think has the money, but it doesn't have it. These four then attempt to flee with the cash, but they are stymied by the cops and Five-O who are wise to their scheme. In addition to the sequences here, Walter, who is wearing a blue shirt, can also be seen working in the carpet store's warehouse earlier in the show (still shot below).

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