The Five-O Home Page Hits the Big Time!

The Five-O Home Page was featured on CBS News Up To the Minute on Friday morning, June 21, 1996 at approximately 3:40 a.m. Following is a transcript:

NANETTE HANSEN: If you happen to be concerned about crime, especially when travelling overseas, or if you're simply fascinated with crime solving, there's a new way to arm yourself with information. It's on the Internet, where you can find everything from the most street-smart crime prevention tips to ways to indulge your James Bond fantasies. That's this morning's Digital Drive excursions in cyberspace, "Cops and Robbers on the World Wide Web." Our Internet guide once again this morning is John Quain, he's a contributing editor at PC Magazine and a writer for Entertainment Weekly. Good morning.

JOHN QUAIN: Good morning.

NH: Happy Friday.

JQ: Yes, finally.

NH: We're going to look at some sites that have some of my favorite shows.

JQ: We're going to start with one that was supposedly one of the longest-running police dramas ... if I recall it was a drama, I guess ... on TV. It's Hawaii Five-O -- Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett

[The Five-O theme plays, our main page is shown with 4403 visitors to that point.]

NH: How does that song go?

JQ: There aren't any hula women on this site, but there is an episode-by-episode description synopsis of all the shows, material about "Book 'em Danno" -- that's actually from a newspaper article that is linked to this site. And it's very well done ... it's fun, done by Mike Quigley. I went through quite a bit of this. You can see all the episode guides, what's happening with various stars now. Kam Fong, a former star of this show, actually ran a gubernatorial campaign in Hawaii.

NH: Wow!

JQ: "Give a damn, vote for Kam," apparently was the theme of that. So if you're trying to recall what it was like to watch this program ... I was surprised, I didn't think of Hawaii Five-O quite this way, but when I looked at it, of course, it brought back a lot of memories.

NH: All these old shows kind of have cult followings now, don't you think?

JQ: They have an awful lot of them. That's one of the better Web sites about some of the old shows.

NH: But factually speaking, there are legitimate sites, not that that's illegitimate, but there are more serious...

JQ:There's no Five-O in Hawaii, but there is the Honolulu P.D., and they have their a World Wide Web site, and there it is!

[They show the H.P.D. site, then talk about sites for the Singapore P.D., the C.I.A. and the TV show Get Smart.]

Further information can be obtained from Up To The Minute's Web site, under "Digital Drive." John Quain also has his own Web site.

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