Created by Sirah

This game is an outgrowth of one created in my college days, called "McGarrett", an homage to the popular "Hi Bob" drinking game which, everybody noticed, never got anybody all that drunk. It is quite possible to get completely toasted with the "basic" rules alone. If you're feeling especially adventurous, use as many of the subsequent "optional" rules as you like.

Additional note: some of these rules are similar to others posted previously -- great minds think alike.


Anyone says "McGarrett" -- 1 drink
McGarrett says "McGarrett" -- 2 drinks


McGarrett runs down the steps of Iolani Palace to his car -- 1 drink
McGarrett answers the phone by saying "McGarrett" -- 1 drink (in addition to that specified by the basic rules)
Any Five-O member answers the phone or radio "Yes, Steve" without having been told it's McGarrett on the other end -- entire beverage
Any reference to Kono's weight -- 1 drink
Kono's weight is quantified -- 2 drinks
Any member of Five-O, other than McGarrett, calls Danny "Danno" -- 2 drinks
Any two Five-O team members laugh together -- 1 drink
Any three Five-O team members laugh together -- 2 drinks
Any four Five-O team members laugh together -- entire beverage
Danno smokes a cigarette -- entire beverage
McGarrett is on the mainland for a trial and phones home -- 1 drink per scene
McGarrett gets blinded -- entire beverage
"Governor" or "Attorney General" is given a name -- entire beverage
A construction site -- 1 drink per scene
Any mention of "Sea Life Park" -- 1 drink
Any member(s) of Five-O leave(s) Oahu to investigate a case on another island -- 1 drink per team member (drink as plane touches down)
Any appearance of the Byodo-In temple -- 2 drinks per scene
A foot chase -- 1 drink
A car chase -- 2 drinks
A shoot-out -- 1 drink
A hand-to-hand fight -- 2 drinks
Somebody tries to kill McGarrett in a gruesome way -- entire beverage
A bullhorn -- 1 drink
McGarrett's transparent blackboard -- 1 drink
A reel-to-reel tape recorder -- 1 drink
A computer -- 2 drinks
"Book 'im" -- 1 drink
"Book 'im, Danno" -- 2 drinks
"Book 'im, Danno (specifies charges)" -- 3 drinks
Someone other than Danno is to do the booking -- entire beverage
"Aloha" -- 1 drink
"Mahalo" -- 1 drink
Any other Hawaiian word -- 2 drinks
Entire sentence or conversation spoken in Hawaiian -- entire beverage
A luau -- 1 drink
A hula -- 1 drink
Surfing -- 2 drinks
Somebody sings "Ain't no big thing, bruddah" -- 1 drink
Somebody SAYS "Ain't no big thing, bruddah" -- entire beverage
AFFIRMATIVES (said by Five-O team member to McGarrett):
"Right" -- 1 drink
"On it" or "I'm on it" -- 1 drink
"Check" -- 2 drinks
"Done" or "Consider it done" -- 2 drinks
"OK" -- 2 drinks
Any other brief affirmative -- 3 drinks
Any of the above followed by "Boss" -- 1 additional drink
A street address (or cross street location) is given -- 1 drink
That street doesn't really exist -- 1 additional drink
A cross street location is given, but the two streets do not really intersect, or do not really exist -- 1 additional drink
Local island personality appears as him/herself -- 2 drinks
"The Wave" -- 1 drink
Your local station cuts out the "Wave" -- entire beverage
"Al Harrington as Ben" -- 2 drinks
Al Harrington appears as someone other than Ben -- 1 drink per spoken line
"Herman Wedemeyer as Duke" in opening credits -- 3 drinks
Herman Wedemeyer appears as someone other than Duke -- 1 drink per spoken line
Episode title is exactly one word -- 1 drink
Episode title is a complete sentence -- 2 drinks
Episode title contains punctuation -- 2 drinks
Episode title is phrased in the form of a question -- entire beverage
The episode title is used in dialog -- entire beverage
The series title is listed as "McGarrett" -- entire beverage
"To Be Continued" -- entire beverage
A shot from the main title sequence appears within an episode -- entire beverage
Any member of Five-O shoots at an unarmed person -- 1 drink
Five-O refrains from shooting an unarmed person because "We need him alive" -- entire beverage
Any member of Five-O loses someone they're tailing -- 1 drink
McGarrett gets P.O.'ed at a Five-O team member for screwing up -- 1 drink
McGarrett gets so P.O.'ed that he slams something down onto his desk -- 2 drinks
Five-O accused of corruption -- 2 drinks (as accusation is made)
Any reference to Vietnam -- 1 drink
A caucasian actor appears as an Asian character -- 1 drink per scene
Episode is from 12th season -- switch off TV and keep drinking

Have fun. Do not drink and drive. :D --Sirah