S04E22 - “Didn't We Meet At A Murder?” - Plot

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At Clem's TV Repair, a man (Kwan Hi Lim) pretends to be selling carpet to the owner, Mr. Brown (Morgan Upton) of the shop. Once the store is emptied of customers, the man gets to the true purpose of his visit: three photographs and three guns with silencers and covers to keep the shells from dropping. The man's next stop is the Honolulu Business Council to meet with another man (Bill Edwards) on the same purpose. They people used don't know one another and don't need to know one another but are being instructed and equipped the same way.

On a beach, a young couple kiss before the boy (John Hansen) climbs the stairs to the house to see his much older girlfriend (Joanna Barnes) talking to the same man making the rounds. The man gives Mrs. Soames a roundtrip ticket from Honolulu to Los Angeles and shows her the picture of the man (Simon Oakland) they're after, "the man you're going to kill".

Act One

In McGarrett's office, McGarrett briefs the team Martin Mauritany, the target, is headed to Honolulu with bodyguards. McGarrett wants Kono to check on the "coconut wireless" on Hotel Street to see if he can come up with anything. McGarrett sends Chin to check on the airlines and big hotels for a possible syndicate meet. McGarrett and Danno leave for the airport to provide Mauritany with " welcoming committee".

On board the flight, Soames makes herself comfortable in an empty seat beside Mauritany who tells her he paid for the seat on purpose to make sure no one sat by him. Soames ignores him singing along with Barbra Streisand on the airplane channels. She charms him as they later toast to Honolulu and she tells him she knows who he is. Mauritany invites her for a drink in his hotel after they land and she agrees when he tells her he'll send his "business associates" to a museum. The plane lands and Soames if driven off in a Royal Royce while Mauritany is picked up by a limousine but not until McGarrett and Danno intercept him and his two bodyguards. McGarrett wants to know why he's in town and Mauritany isn't forthcoming and demands a subpoena. McGarrett warns him he will be watched and wished he never crossed Five-O. Mauritany acknowledges the message before McGarrett gets out of the limousine.

At Clem's TV Repair, Mr. Brown cuts off lunch with his wife (Josie Over). Clem tells her he'll be getting home late due to a Reserve Officer's meeting at the armory. He reassures her when she asks if anything is wrong. Meanwhile, at the Business Council, the second man in the trio of killers leaves work early. Mr. Wellman leaves the office.

In Mauritany's hotel room, he pours two glasses of champagne for Soames and himself. They try to talk as the Clem works on the TV but he causes it to emit tones. The doorbell buzzes and it's Wellman showing up. Soames sets up some hors d'oeuvres as Mauritany talks to Wellman and Wellman goes into his spiel about welcoming all businessmen setting up shop in Honolulu. As Wellman is talking, Clem turns up the TV and it's a shootout. Soames brings over the food as Mauritany finds himself pulled in every direction and that's the point. They pull their guns and fire sending Mauritany to the floor.

Act Two

Clem, Wellman and Soames put the guns into the bottom of Clem's toolbox. Clem leaves first as Wellman and Soames leave a few minutes later.

The next morning, McGarrett arrives at Mauritany's hotel room as the lab technicians are already hard at work. Danno briefs he was shot three times in the chest with estimated time of death between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. the night before. Deliveries were made at 5:00 p.m. with the maid finding him a 9:45 a.m. Chin reports no one saw or heard anything, even next door so they know a silencer was used. Chin calls it a "pro job all the way". The bodyguards are nowhere to be seen but Danno says there is an APB out on them. McGarrett walks over to Che Fong (Harry Endo) who claims to have "an easy one for a change" with four sets of prints and nothing is smudge. Kono barges in with a "hot lead" as three people stopped by between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. all announced by the front desk. McGarrett orders Kono to pick them up and Danno to work on their backgrounds.

At Five-O, Wellman talks to McGarrett in his office as Wellman explains he wasn't in the hotel room very long. Clem tells Danno in the outside cubicle he was fixing the television set as he has a contract with the hotel. Clem says he was told the set was broken prior to Mauritany checking in but the set needed a part he didn't have on hand. Wellman explains to McGarrett he was conducting duties as part of the Business Council. They continue their stories talking about Mrs. Soames and not thinking anything was unusual. Clem says he left first about 5:15 p.m. with the garage attendant seeing him leave. Wellman backs up Clem adding he and Mrs. Soames departed a bit later but he doesn't know if anyone saw them leave. McGarrett tells Wellman two people who know him watched him leave the hotel with Mrs. Soames so the story checks out, so far. McGarrett steps out to compare notes with Danno. So far, so good for Clem and Wellman. McGarrett tells Danno to keep them at Five-O until he talks to Mrs. Soames. Chin walks in informing them the ballistics report is ready at the lab as McGarrett walks out leaving Danno to find "something" for their two suspects to read! "What? A new pension plan?"

In the laboratory, Che briefs McGarrett and Chin about the bullets. Che says they're "nine millimeter short" with no ballistics markings on any of them! McGarrett has seen it before with a high-speed reaming tool in order to erase all the lands and grooves. Che says it's another sign of a professional hit with Chin adding their three suspects are no-gos. Kono opens the lab door telling McGarrett there is no way Mrs. Soames is coming in. McGarrett realizes he has to bring her in and takes Chin to go along.

At Soames' house, the maid informs her McGarrett wants to talk to her. Her boyfriend asks the maid to have a drink made for him as Soames leaves to see her visitors. Soames tells him she was in the hotel for 15 minutes and met Mauritany on the plane from Los Angeles. She claims she went there to talk to a film producer "about launching Rick's career". She confirms she knew he was a mobster but she went to his hotel room anyway. She mentions it was crowded with Clem already there and Wellman showing up. She moves on to ready for a luau at a senator's house leaving McGarrett and Chin in the dust with a story verified three ways. McGarrett has no choice but to let the others go.

On a road, Clem drives his van to a meeting point with the man who put everything into motion. Clem parks at an overlook bringing his toolbox with him over the wall onto the rocks below. The man checks each gun placing them back into the case. Locking it, he tosses it into the ocean.

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, the team isn't faring well as Danno briefs Mauritany's two bodyguards were picked up. They were in a bar the night before from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. confirmed "by a dozen witnesses". The phone rings: Mauritany was in town to buy a factory building on "Sheridan, near Piikoi". McGarrett and Chin leave to check it out.

At the Soames house, she wanders around to find Rick on the beach below with another girl. Rick runs after Bonnie, calling her name after she tells him she's tired of a lot of things. They argue about a prior incident she paid to get him out of but he reminds her they are both stuck with it.

McGarrett and Chin arrive at the building to find 'Lanai Carpet Company' inside. There, they meet the man who set up Mauritany's hit but they don't know it. Chang is the owner of the company leasing the building. McGarrett talks to Chang about how the building owner died and it went up for sale by the estate. Chang also placed a bid but Mauritany outbid him. McGarrett asks to look around and Chang gladly escorts him and Chin. He leads them through the sales office to the main workroom all the way down to the basement. McGarrett surveys the basement and nothing seems out of order. They walk back upstairs where McGarrett runs into Charlie who was someone he put away years ago and unaware he was out.

In McGarrett's office, Danno gives the run down on Charlie: he is an ex-warrant officer with military intelligence and ex-private investigator. He was convicted two years before of bribery and conspiracy in obstructing justice and sentenced to three years in the state prison. He released after 18 months on good behavior. They kick around a possible connection between Charlie and Mauritany's murder. There is also the possibility of a connection between Chang, Charles and Mauritany's murder but they're missing something. McGarrett wants Chang's background dug into and "24-hour surveillance" on the carpet company: everyone in, out, all deliveries, every license plate.

Clem drives out to a call for repair only to meet Chang waiting for him at the house. Chang needs a favor.

Danno calls into McGarrett saying he's on his way to relieve Chin. Chin radios back he has "a graveyard": nothing has happened. Chin starts to see some action and reports it as Wellman arrives to pick up an envelope. McGarrett redirects Danno to go to Wellman's house and retrieve the envelope. Chin reports a Red Alert and Wellman's license number while Danno sets an intercept course. Wellman arrives at his apartment building with Danno preventing him from leaving the street. Danno forces him out of the car, frisking him in order to arrest him. Wellman demands to know what charge, Danno says withholding evidence on a felony. Wellman throws Danno onto his car and takes off running. Danno pulls it together to give chase only to lose Wellman at the elevators. Running back to his car, Danno radios for backup only to have a woman scream behind him and in time to see Wellman hit the pavement in front of him.

Act Four

McGarrett arrives on scene shortly after the ambulance. Danno and the lab technicians are already combing through Wellman's apartment as McGarrett walks in. McGarrett looks around himself finding the burned photographs in Wellman's bathroom sink. When Danno asks McGarrett's opinion, McGarrett points out the photos of beautiful women adorning the walls, only they're not women! Danno is speechless.

That night, Clem and wife talk about what's been happening. He tells her about an incident where he left a fellow soldier to die after he panicked and ran from a firefight. Still in the Reserves, he is not out of reach of a court-martial. He thought he was through with the first favor but now they want something else. Doris, his wife, tells him he has to do it for them, for their family.

In McGarrett's office, they gather to read the article on Wellman and try to figure out what happened. McGarrett says Wellman was the perfect target for blackmail and maybe the others have something to hide too. Danno adds Charlie is in the perfect position to dig up dirt on them. McGarrett throws out the theory that Chang and Charlie have a racket going and Mauritany wants in but instead they find three amateurs to knock him off. Chin asks why three amateurs, why not professional? Mauritany and his bodyguards would have picked up on a pro and with three, they could alibi each other. Kono asks the all-important why: the one piece they don't have because the carpet business seemed legitimate. Danno suggests the building itself is the issue because Mauritany tried to buy it. McGarrett assigns tasks: Danno is to contact the county clerk's office and county engineer; Chin is sent back to the carpet business; Kono is to dig deeper on Clem, Mrs. Soames and her boyfriend.

At the Soames house, Bonnie and Rick talk on the beach. Bonnie tells him about Chang visiting her and knowing everything about "the accident" that wasn't so much of an accident. He knew about Rick tampering with the car under Bonnie's instructions. She wants to go to Singapore and asks Rick to come along.

In McGarrett's office, the county engineer (John Alexis Howard) explains the building is 50 years old and the land is like the rest of Oahu, lava rock. Kono walks in with information from the Big Island about Soames' husband having a car accident there two years before. A witness saw someone tampering with the car, but later recanted. McGarrett wonders about the location of the building, the engineer tells him the neighborhood has had it: everything is moving out. The engineer lists the furniture store, the car insurance company, the bank, and the discount appliance center. The bank piques McGarrett's interest especially when the engineer says it sits behind the carpet company. They figure out Chang and Charlie are digging a tunnel and hypothesize Mauritany wanted in so they had to take him out. Chin calls in reporting Clem's truck has pulled up to the carpet company. Chin watches a pair of guys bring out big boxes to put in the back of the van. Chin reports that in and McGarrett sends him to Central Dispatch to put out a Red Alert pickup. Nearly all of HPD gives chase with Chin joining in.

Clem takes off driving through back alleys and construction zones as Chang, Charlie and couple of other guys empty the bank. Clem is stopped on a residential street by multiple units and Chin has him open the back only to find Clem is hauling dirt! Back at the carpet company, the robbers finish packing the money into four suitcase and try to escape only to see police surrounding the building. They decide to backtrack into the tunnel only to be met by McGarrett and Danno!

At the airport, Bonnie and Rick buy first class, one-way tickets to Singapore. McGarrett races out to the airport to stop them and catches them just in time.

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