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A man (Al Harrington) walks down Hotel Street entering a bar. The bartender (Terry Plunkett) spots him and warns one of his customers (Derek Mau). The customer runs out the back only to be punched in the face by the partner (Charles Bent).

At the airport, Johnny (Harry Darrow) talks to another man (Jack Kosslyn) about needing "a little more time". The man isn't impressed by Johnny's promise of having things wrapped up in less than six days. Meanwhile, the customer is killed in an alley and stuffed into the trunk by the two men from before. Johnny plans to make good on his promise of a monopoly for the syndicate. The man tells him there's no room for mistakes with millions of dollars on the line. As that happens, the pair of goons put the customer's body into a dumpster covering him with trash. In the terminal, the man receives his ticket for Los Angeles connecting to Detroit. The man reminds Johnny he could wind up very wealthy being the syndicate's number one man in Hawaii but the man warns this is his last chance. The man leaves to board his plane as the dumpster is rolled out to the street and the awaiting garbage truck where it's dumped. It winds up at the incinerator where the operator (Ron Feinberg) lifts it into the furnace and a raker makes sure it goes in.

Act One

McGarrett leaves Iolani Palace to go to the scene where Five-O is already there with HPD. McGarrett meets Danno and Chin in an alley with yet another disappearance, five in all. This time it's Phil Hurley who was the customer in the bar "small-time pimp and all around good fellow". A woman (Elizabeth Smith) witnessed the whole thing from her second-story window. Kono says there may be more witnesses but no one volunteering. McGarrett talks to the bartender who verifies it was Phil Hurley but doesn't get much else. McGarrett doesn't want to play games because four other guys disappeared the same way. The bartender tells McGarrett Phil was a friend and a regular customer but that's all he knows. McGarrett walks out with nothing and Danno has the same, as Mrs. Foster can't tell them men apart. Kono talks a radio call from the governor.

McGarrett rushes to the airport to meet the governor. They then board a plane parked at the gate. On board is David Benson (Tom Palmer), Assistant U.S. Attorney General who talks to them about the syndicate primed to move into Hawaii. Benson says they'll likely use prostitution as a way to open the door for the rest of the criminal activity. Benson points out Honolulu is a crossroad for the Pacific theater especially Waikiki where 1.5 million tourists come and go. McGarrett mentions Johnny Oporta and realizes the problem is no longer "local" because Johnny has convinced them he has something to sell. Benson makes it clear: he's staying out of the way as this is McGarrett's problem but they will give them as much help as possible. He does tell them they have only days left as Johnny must deliver total control under a deadline.

Johnny visits a man (Danny Kaleikini) walking down the street. Peter isn't messing around as he asks Johnny what he wants. He goes inside where his girlfriend (Beth Brickell) is primping. He tells her he told Johnny where to take his "fancy deals" because they don't need them.

McGarrett goes to see Johnny at his day job: Johnny's public relations firm. McGarrett barges in like a bull in a china shop flashing his badge to the secretary but walking straight into Johnny's office. McGarrett warns him "it's all finished" because he's going to be squeezing Johnny pretty hard and Johnny can tell his buddies on the mainland it's finished too. Johnny sarcastically tells McGarrett to stop by "anytime". McGarrett tells him his door won't be open for very long. Once McGarrett leaves, Johnny's two guys who took care of Phil Hurley rush out of a side room. Johnny knows McGarrett was only there to scare him but he doesn't scare easily. Johnny's next target is Peter but he wants the body found this time so no one gets any ideas to defy Johnny like Peter has done. Johnny calls the crane operator from the incinerator with his son (Remi Abellira) telling him he has a phone call. The operator agrees but it's going to mean something extra. They agree to a deal.

Peter's girlfriend walks out of a hotel with a sailor before crossing the street to give Peter the money. Johnny's boys grab Peter as he's walking down the street where they take him out back and shoot him. They then dispose of him like Phil Hurley but not before stealing his cash and tossing away his money clip.

Act Two

McGarrett rushes out to the incinerator where Peter has already been recovered. Doc (Al Eben) is walking behind the ambulance attendants telling McGarrett he had a bullet hole in his chest between the third and fourth ribs. Chin comments someone is trying to get rid of the evidence and McGarrett says, "not good enough". As Peter is loaded, Kono calls to McGarrett with the crane operator behind him. Kono introduces Mr. Furtado who tells him he ordered an emergency cutoff when he saw the body fall. No one else comes in and out, just the guys who work there. Furtado runs through the steps: trucks unload at a spot and he lifts the trash to go into the incinerator. Danno meets them at the top of the stairs as Furtado continues to tell them how the trash is dumped in. McGarrett and Danno walk to the side overlooking the dump area where McGarrett tells him he wants the truck traced back with complete timetable so they can match it up with the autopsy. Danno suspects Phil Hurley with a "one in five shot" if someone new hasn't been taken care of. One plus for Five-O: they now know how Johnny has be disposing of the bodies. Out back, a spooner (David "Lippy" Espinda) goes through the ashes pulling out what doesn't burn, which isn't much but it keeps the guys "in coffee money".

McGarrett stands on the Palace balcony as Danno runs out with news of a positive identification on the body found: Peter Yano. Peter was a small-time, independent pimp and McGarrett figures Johnny killed him because he's close to making his deal with the syndicate. McGarrett wants Kono to dig up anything tying Johnny and Peter together as he leaves to go see Peter's girlfriend.

Peter's girlfriend asks what McGarrett plans to do. McGarrett answers they're investigating every possible angle but Sally freaks out telling him "it's a straight line". Sally says Johnny came by yesterday to close down Peter but she didn't witness it herself. McGarrett tries to assure her that if Johnny is responsible, he won't get away with it, which doesn't satisfy her in the least.

Sally isn't the only one frazzled as Johnny sits on pins and needles waiting for his call to Detroit to go through. Johnny calms down a bit when his guys tell him they have it all. The phone buzzes as the call goes through and Johnny gives Detroit the good news: Hawaii is ready and waiting.

In McGarrett's office, they have what's left of Peter, sort of. Chin notes Peter always carried a "bank roll" with McGarrett dismissing it because paper money would have burned. But not his platinum money clip! Kono checked with Che: platinum wouldn't melt under 1800 degrees and the spooner didn't find anything. Chin and Kono leave to get the description of the clip out on the street. Danno walks in with lots of blanks. Everyone at the incinerator checks out: nothing out of the ordinary or hidden banks accounts. McGarrett is especially interested in Furtado because he has the best seat to see everything come in.

Sally talks to another girl (Cas Shay) on the street wondering if she knows whether Johnny had anything to do with Peter's death. Sally gives up after the girl tells he they don't get paid to think. After Sally and her part ways, she calls Johnny telling him it's Vickie. Vickie tells Johnny what happened and he says she did the right thing earning an extra $50. Johnny is adamant: Sally won't be touched because that's the kind of thing McGarrett is looking for. Johnny sits down telling his guys they don't have to touch her; they've won the game.

Sally takes matters into her own hands writing McGarrett a letter and pulling out her gun from a drawer.

Act Three

Sally tracks down Johnny in his parking garage holding her gun on him. Johnny tells her he can deliver the guys who killed Peter but she doesn't believe him. Johnny moves closer to her to wrestle the gun from her hands but it fires, killing her. Johnny drags her next to his car then making a call from his car phone to Ray, one of his guys. He tells him to grab Ozzie, his other guy and get to Johnny's house. Johnny makes another call to set up a meeting.

At a pawnshop, a guy walks in with Peter's money clip. The guy claims to have found it but the pawnshop owner recognizes the description. The guy takes Danno and Kono to the place where he found it. Che Fong (Harry Endo) digs out a slug form the wall, "found it".

At Johnny's bowling alley, Johnny walks in going upstairs to a private party room. Furtado is brought up too by Ray and Ozzie. Furtado tells Johnny flat out Peter was supposed to be the last one. Johnny offers $7500 for this last disposal but Furtado has his doubts because the cops were all over the incinerator the last time. Johnny says it's perfect because no one would think they would use it again. Johnny outright threatens Furtado if he doesn't dispose of Sally. However, Johnny has a change of heart telling Furtado he has a surefire method of "cleaning up the mess". Furtado eventually agrees.

In his office, McGarrett holds Sally's letter to him. He knows this can't end well and orders Chin to put out an APB on Sally. Taking Danno, they leave to "see a snake". Meanwhile at the incinerator, Furtado does what he told Johnny he would do.

Act Four

McGarrett and Danno visit Johnny who claims he hasn't see or heard from Sally in quite awhile. McGarrett tosses Johnny the letter and reads over it tossing it back to McGarrett. McGarrett warns him to start worrying if Sally doesn't turn up soon "feeling fine". They leave Johnny's office and talk outside where McGarrett says he knows Sally is dead and Danno agrees. In the car they discuss what transpired. Danno asks, "would he risk it?" McGarrett thinks he would and did! They rush to the incinerator where Furtado claims nothing unusual. Chin runs up to McGarrett with information on Sally's APB. McGarrett runs out to talk to the spooner to buy the scraps.

In the laboratory, Che dumps the buckets onto the workbench. He begins the arduous task of sifting through the muck. One thing Johnny didn't count on was the fact Sally had surgical pins in her left forearm due to an auto accident three years before: solid steel. Meantime, Danno, Chin and Kono pay a visit to the Furtado residence with a search warrant. Che and McGarrett keep going as the search warrant is executed.

Johnny readies for his meeting at the airport with Ray commenting it's a bit early. Johnny counters he doesn't want to be late for this one. In the lab, Che and McGarrett are on their last bucket as the rest of Five-O is only down to the car, which is locked. Kono jimmies the lock so Danno can look inside. Danno pulls up the backseat and finds a whole bunch of money. Che keeps sifting as Danno calls in with their find of $27,500. It keeps getting better: Che holds up a surgical pin! McGarrett goes back to the incinerator to confront Furtado about how many bodies have been put through the incinerator. Furtado denies knowing anything at first but then McGarrett is in the fight for his life against Furtado. When Charlie comes to help out, Charlie winds up falling into the incinerator! McGarrett arrests Furtado.

At the airport, the man Johnny has been dealing with from the syndicate arrives only to be turn around! Five-O is there to arrest Johnny, Ray and Ozzie. McGarrett tells the man, "the deal is off ... permanently".

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