S11E21 - “The Year Of The Horse” - Plot

(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)

Act One

A young woman is aboard a PanAm flight going to Honolulu. When she exits the lavatory, she stumbles getting to her seat and dies in the aisle an agonizing death!

In an office, Dr. Bergman (Al Eben) reports she died of "massive pulmonary arrest" when a single plastic bag burst sending eight ounces of pure heroin through her system. Doc tells McGarrett she was carrying the drugs in her stomach. A man (Tommy Fujiwara) tells McGarrett it's a common way to smuggle drugs because the person can pass through Customs without the drugs being detected. The woman was Terri Ramos, traveling under an Indonesian passport with a resident ID from Singapore. She purchased the airline tickets in Bangkok, which Doc mentions the drugs found in her system match one of the busiest heroin labs in Southeast Asia. The man adds there was testimony from someone named Felix before the grand jury talking about drugs being smuggled in from the lab, making a Honolulu connection. McGarrett acknowledges the testimony but he tells Taki he can't necessarily believe all of it. Doc leaves, having other matters to attend to. After Doc leaves, Taki reminds McGarrett the governor was mentioned by name in the testimony but McGarrett refuses to believe the governor would be tied into the ring, he's known him too long. He believes it's an evil plot to discredit the governor with Taki saying the rumor alone could do that. McGarrett plans to keep Terri's death under wraps until the connection can be found as he shows Taki the telex he sent to Chief Inspector Chu (Manu Tupou) in Singapore. McGarrett is going to Singapore to uncover the Honolulu connection!

In Singapore, PanAm flight 289 arrives as McGarrett, and Danno, ready to clear Immigration and Customs parting ways at that point. Inspector Chu is meeting McGarrett to take him to the Mandarin Hotel as a group is meeting Danno to take him to the police academy where he's going to be lecturing on working "in a multiracial society" with McGarrett touting him as an expert. As McGarrett clears Immigration, three men from the police academy meet Danno and they depart the airport. When McGarrett goes to baggage claim, Inspector Chu is vigilantly seeking out McGarrett's bag finally finding it. They meet but Inspector Chu is tense about something.

Near the Raffles Hotel, a man (Barry Bostwick) gets out of a cab to enter the hotel to meet up with John (George Lazenby) to "talk mule talk". The man tells John he knew Terri was connected to him, so why recruit her? John answers she needed the money but the man informs John she was General Oban's (Lawrence Dobkin) daughter and didn't need the money! The man says she can be tracked back to him with John not liking the situation but he caused it!

Inspector Chu drives McGarrett around town telling him they held off on investigating Terri's death but he warns McGarrett there are some keen press hounds in town. They discuss Terri: she worked in a nightclub and was fairly new to Singapore, leaving no real trail.

At the Raffles Hotel, the man asks John if the German is still in town. In their operation, John makes the phone calls while the man moves the goods and he's planning "another excursion" to fix the previous mistake: 20 kilos this time. He tells John to call the German to "set the price" and to make sure it's flawless.

Act Two

A group of dancers practice their choreography under the watchful eye of the director (William Beckley) as McGarrett walks quietly in through the back. The director becomes frustrated and makes them stop forcing a break. As the director leaves the stage, McGarrett stops him with a look, asking if he's Terri's manager. McGarrett hands over his card as Riley, an insurance salesman, which the director is nonchalant about. They go to Terri's dressing room where the place has been ransacked and the director freaks out because "the whole act! It's ruined!" Some crazy dude wearing a mask jumps out of the closet and attacks with a knife! Throwing the knife at McGarrett, the masked man makes a run for it with McGarrett giving chase only to lose him in a back alley. McGarrett returns to the dressing room where the director is opening and emptying a jewelry box Terri left with him to "take care of": among the scattered jewelry is a ring which McGarrett snatches.

Later at a shop, McGarrett meets up with Danno giving him the ring: "United States Naval Academy, 1963". There is no inscription inside, which McGarrett finds unusual. He wants Danno to take it to the police laboratory to see if they can't bring up the initials again.

Danno and Inspector Chu look over the lab results at the Singapore Police: "L.P.S., U.S. Naval Academy, class of '63". Inspector Chu says they should contact the U.S. FBI to inquire about the identity and location of the owner. Danno suggests they call Five-O, which in turn can call the Defense Department direct: faster results and Danno does exactly that.

At the Mandarin Hotel, a man in a turban (Lawrence Dobkin) picks up one of the courtesy phones to contact "Riley" in 1602. When McGarrett answers, General Oban introduces himself requesting to meet in the Clipper Bar as McGarrett says he'll be right down. As McGarrett goes to the elevators, an Oriental woman is sitting in the foyer waiting. Before meeting with General Oban, McGarrett calls Danno to set up a page at 7:15. When they meet, General Oban gives McGarrett his card: "Universal Commercial Operations International Limited". General Oban asks why "Riley" has been making inquiries into his daughter and wondering if he's in Singapore to investigate her death! McGarrett is taken aback by the fact that General Oban is Terri's father. General Oban wants to send a message that what is his, he means to protect. McGarrett takes it all in as a bell rings for Riley's page and McGarrett excuses himself before leaving.

Upstairs, McGarrett gets off the elevator finding the woman from before gone. He proceeds to his hotel room only to find the woman there! The masked man is back, only this time with nunchuks! After a bit of a fight, McGarrett is able to unmask the man and gives him a message: "If it's a gold ring you're after, you tell the man that sent you to call me. And tell him that the price just went up to 25,000 American". After he kicks the guy out, McGarrett hears a knock on the door: General Oban and his personal secretary Miko. McGarrett isn't impressed by her searching skills but she explains the intruder was already there waiting for him and forced her to "compelled" her to stay. General Oban offers his help in finding the man responsible for Terri's death, the one who made her carry drugs. He offers in return "insurance" that no one will try to kill him again but McGarrett refuses his help but does asks how he learned about Terri's death. General Oban's answer is vague but he vows revenge against the man responsible.

John rides a trishaw in the market being dropped off in the middle of it. He makes his way to a building where he's allowed entry on facial recognition. He walks through the 'Wing Lok Club' to a room where the director/Terri's manager is being held hoe-tied. John berates him for not telling him Terri was General Oban's daughter and if anyone has asked about her. The director tells him, "Kevin Riley. Stocky, about two meters, uhÉOh. Fourteen stone, 40, 42. He said he was an insurance bloke". Jonas swears he won't talk and John is going to make sure he doesn't!

At the Singapore Police, a message comes in about the inscription on the ring: "'Sandover, Lucas P. 0437699. Graduated U.S. Naval Academy, 9 June 1963. Commissioned ensign, same date. Commander Sandover reported missing in action, presumed dead, over Northern Laos, 17th December, 1969. Survived by Dolores Kent Sandover, widow. Photo follows'". Sandover has been dead for nine years!

Act Three

At the Mandarin Hotel, a young woman (Victoria Principal) fills out her registration card then asks "what room is Mr. Steve McGarrett registered in" but the front desk has no such name as General Oban listens in nearby.

On a derelict freighter, a ragtag group hangs out on deck as a high-speed boat approaches. On board is the man who has been dealing with John. He boards the freighter giving commands in Malay as he goes inside to meet another man who is overseeing the processing of the heroin along with a woman. The first man tells the second to leave the processing with her because the men need to be in Singapore as "the pig's coming in".

McGarrett and Inspector Chu walk by the boat quay discussing the information found on Sandover. McGarrett asks if they've picked up Jonas yet with Inspector Chu saying he was fished out of the Wayan River this morning. They then talk about General Oban who Inspector Chu says has "many irons in the fire". Inspector Chu tells McGarrett it's unlikely General Oban killed Jonas because when he has someone taken care of there are no bodies left behind. Inspector Chu doubts the general bought McGarrett's cover story but what really bothers McGarrett: how did General Oban know Terri was dead?

At the airport, an older, blind man (Thomas Lee) arrives clearing Immigration. Meantime, at the Mandarin Hotel, the young woman finds McGarrett calling him by his real name. McGarrett ushers her out of the crowd as she tells him she's Dolores Sandover, Lucas' widow/wife as Inspector Chu watches from nearby. As they walk upstairs Dolores explains a friend from the Pentagon called her about an inquiry from Five-O about Luke's Naval Academy ring. McGarrett demands to see her passport to make sure he knows whom he's talking to, that she really is Admiral Kent's daughter. Satisfied, he asks her why she thinks Luke is still alive: he was on a reconnaissance flight over Laos when he was shot down and only the observer's body was found. McGarrett wonders why she hasn't moved on possibly remarried but she considers herself still married to Luke. McGarrett has a phone call and he goes to answer it: a guy (Osman Zailani) tells him they are interested in buying an "insurance policy" for $25,000 in small bills to be handed over at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. The guy goes on telling Riley he will receive another call at 7:45 a.m. and to "please bring the object in question". Returning to Dolores, he warns her that if Luke is alive, he could be in the middle of a criminal operation and could potentially spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth prison.

Act Four

The blind man from the airport settles into a dingy apartment above the market beside the Boat Quay. The same man who called Riley is calling the blind man: Ong Lee is ensuring Mr. Ho is ready to "test the merchandise" as the guinea pig.

At the Mandarin Hotel, Dolores wants to continue her discussion with McGarrett but he has to leave. She makes the mistake of threatening McGarrett by blowing his cover and he's tells her as much. He then proceeds downstairs to be picked up by Inspector Chu. As they drive, McGarrett tells Inspector Chu the caller wants him at Mount Faber alone in ten minutes. Meantime, Dolores goes downstairs and takes a taxi in an attempt to follow McGarrett.

McGarrett and Inspector Chu arrive at Mount Faber as the man who is working with John watches from above. The man continues to watch McGarrett as he makes his way to the meeting place including walking through the cable car tower. Meanwhile, Inspector Chu waits by the car until a second car shows up with Danno and a pair of Singapore police officers. As Luke watches McGarrett, so does Ong Lee from a picnic pavilion. McGarrett sits on a bench as a snake charmer shows his snake "no poison. This one no teeth. This one harmless, sir" and proceeds to bring it out somewhat of its basket. After the snake charmer leaves, Ong Lee makes his move sitting beside McGarrett. Once they confirm who each other is, Ong Lee tells McGarrett to get in line to get his ticket for the cable car. They'll make the trade on Sentosa. As they walk to get in line, Dolores shows up in the cab but Inspector Chu recognizes her from the Mandarin and goes after her. He tries to stop her but her screaming alerts Luke, the man who has been working with John and in the drug operation! Luke makes a run for it as McGarrett shoves Ong Lee down a hill to give chase to Luke, Inspector Chu drags Dolores back into the building and Danno runs after McGarrett leaving Ong Lee to the Singapore officers!

In the cable car tower, Luke throws a pair of people out of the cable car as McGarrett fights him as it takes off to go over the river. Danno has to settle for being in the cable car behind them and can only watch the fight. Luke then climbs on top of the cable car, still fighting McGarrett off to make an escape via a handheld pulley. McGarrett climbs on top and can only watch Luke's escape.

On the Sentosa side, McGarrett and Danno meet up with Danno commenting that he thought McGarrett was "gonna slide down after him" but McGarrett calls it a "form of insanity". McGarrett has already touched base with Inspector Chu as his officers have caught Ong Lee.

Back at Mount Faber, Ong Lee tries to play dumb but McGarrett isn't buying it for one minute knowing they spoke on the phone no less than three times. Inspector Chu has had enough of Ong Lee's crap too, ordering him to detention. McGarrett knows he won't talk and wonders where Luke went. Inspector Chu shares the bad news: there are islands everywhere but he suspects "he's got a kampong somewhere". Thanks and no thanks to Dolores they know who they are after now: Luke but he saw her and he'll probably want to see her again. Inspector Chu already has her phone being monitored and McGarrett suggests a light protective custody for her in case she gives them the slip.

John rides in a taxi to where Luke is located, sitting on a dock meditating. Luke knows John is there and tells him Ong Lee has been arrested but will he talk? They contemplate their next move. Luke thinks they should get out because Dolores saw him but John wants to score the last big deal. Luke agrees but it's tomorrow or not at all because everything has to happen fast. John says the guinea pig is there and the German is standing by. Luke will tell him when and where.

Act Five

At the Mandarin Hotel, Dolores tells McGarrett if Luke calls, she'll go to see him hopefully with the police escort not getting in her way. McGarrett warns her that Luke has become desperate and if he's involved with what McGarrett thinks he is, the penalty in Singapore is "death by hanging". He tells her if Luke calls to try to talk him into surrendering to American authorities to put a trial on the table. A page informs Dolores she has a phone call and she goes to answer it after McGarrett goes in a different direction. Danno is listening in on the call where Luke instructs her to immediately hang up and go to the hotel's rear where a car is waiting for her. As she does this, a small man bumps into her passing a note to have her change direction: go to the front for the waiting trishaw. Dolores goes to the front where an old man on the trishaw waves her down but no one is fooled as McGarrett and Inspector Chu follow in one car with Danno and a Singapore officer in a second car.

Dolores is delivered to an awaiting Mercedes sedan but the Singapore police are on top of it as an officer on the street radios about the switch with a helicopter airborne to find the car. McGarrett and Inspector Chu continue their pursuit as they all head north. In the Mercedes, Luke is driving as Dolores tries to get a look at him from the back seat but Luke is not cooperative. Meantime, McGarrett drops a bombshell on Inspector Chu: the deal he made with Dolores is for Luke to turn over the rest and Luke goes into U.S. custody. Above all, McGarrett finds and ends the Honolulu connection and that's why he's traveled to Singapore.

Luke drives to a park where they walk across a bridge and Luke wants to know what they know. Dolores answers the police know he's into drugs, who he is and what he looks like. Luke isn't happy because they wouldn't know his name or what he looks like if it weren't for Dolores who has been desperate to find him for the last nine years. Meantime, McGarrett, Danno, Inspector Chu and his officer arrive at the park immediately finding the car. Back on the bridge, Luke asks who McGarrett is and Dolores tells him about the deal but Luke doesn't like the prospect of spending 20 years at Leavenworth with hard labor. If he had his choice, he'd rather hang, which prompts Dolores to break down yelling that he's throwing everything away. Luke yells at her about his experience of survival and the fact he really didn't want to go back because he "hated the system" that put him into that predicament. Luke proposes they go away after the deal but Dolores says the police are looking for him, he's "wanted" but Luke believes in his ability to disappear. Dolores wants to but Luke is ready to leave her behind after she brings up the $2 million in drugs.

At the front of the park, McGarrett, Danno and Inspector Chu look at what to do next but the place is saturated with plainclothes officers. They're near the Kranji River and McGarrett suspects Luke will "stay close to water" hoping to "get between him and the Mandai Village". Danno wonders how Luke would make his escape with McGarrett wondering how an Annapolis graduate would do it.

Dolores tries to talk Luke into letting McGarrett help them, which Luke seems interested in as long as what McGarrett has to say is reasonable. They kiss before Luke takes off. Back at the car, Inspector Chu says Dolores has just been picked up but Luke either escaped or he's still in the park. McGarrett sees a group of monks in the parking lot getting an idea as he tells Danno and inspector Chu to talk to Dolores to glean any information from her. He's going after Luke.

Luke makes his way through the park dressed as a gardener all the way to the exit where McGarrett, dressed as a monk, spots him. McGarrett follows him to the bus where they both get on board and ride it until a street near the boat quay where a lion dance is happening. They get off the bus where Luke goes to Mr. Ho's apartment. McGarrett stays on Luke's tail until the apartment where he tries describing Luke only to hit a language barrier. Meantime, Luke leads Mr. Ho to a boat and they take off leaving McGarrett in the dust.

Act Six

Luke and his crew take Mr. Ho to the derelict freighter while McGarrett, Danno and Inspector Chu go over the apartment. Inspector Chu says he forgot his "sacred text": "the prayer of seven contentments". Danno is confused looking around the apartment, as it doesn't appear to be a multi-million dollar operation. Inspector Chu explains this fits perfectly: this is the guinea pig, "probably a long-time addict from Hong Kong" here to test the quality of the drugs before delivery is taken. McGarrett wants the place under surveillance because the man hasn't finished his prayers, pointing out the lighted candles. Back on the freighter, Mr. Ho preps the heroin saying accidents can't happen, "this is the year of the horse".

McGarrett and Inspector Chu go to see the harbor police explaining what the smugglers use: "a fast boat is only five minutes from sanctuary across the straits in Johore". Inspector Chu tells McGarrett to expect a fast boat, as the idea is to buy the latest engines and "soup them up". Unfortunately, the police boats have a top speed of 18 knots, no match for Luke's "fast boat".

Luke and his guys bring back Mr. Ho stopping at a phone to call John and the German buyer. Mr. Ho gives a positive report on three out of the 20 kilos to the buyer who agrees to the buy. Luke wants it all in U.S. dollars and small bills, hanging up with John. Luke parts way with his guys and Mr. Ho who is returned to the apartment. Just as they arrive, Danno and the Singapore police move in arresting the pair and calling an ambulance for Mr. Ho.

John wanders a night market followed dangerously by a red Rolls Royce. The driver (Beau Vanden Ecker) is very specific in targeting John finally cornering him against a wall. General Oban steps out of the car not willing to mess around at all because he's seeking revenge against the people who killed Terri. John pleads for his life saying he had nothing to do with her death but it was actually Luke who was responsible. General Oban is disgusted.

Mr. Ho is laying in a Singapore hospital as a doctor tells Inspector Chu they can talk to him. McGarrett and Danno watch from a screened window as Inspector Chu speaks to Mr. Ho wanting to know where he got his last fix. When Mr. Ho becomes philosophical, Inspector Chu threatens to cut off Mr. Ho from any other drugs. Mr. Ho tells him about the ship and when McGarrett intervenes Mr. Ho describes the ship as smelling bad: rust and stale curry. He was on the speedboat for "350 cycles," which is his breathing: 900 per hour. McGarrett steps out to do math on a chalkboard figuring out he was on the speedboat for about 23 minutes. Now he needs a direction: "the boat runs off to the south, a little. Not much at first, but always more and more". Once they have they direction, they figure the boat was traveling at 30 knots and want to look at some maps.

At the Mandarin Hotel, General Oban's people make their move: they kidnap Dolores! Meantime, there's a shack on stilts in the middle of the water where Luke and his motley crew hang out waiting on John. When Luke hears a speedboat, he throws his knife toward Selah (Mocktar) as a signal: "the goods are ready". Selah and three guys take the goods out in their boat to move the goods out of the way in case things go south. Luke is specific in his instructions once he sees John: the boat will come in slowly, land him and back off. John lands with two briefcases as Luke opens fire on the boat forcing them back away from the shack. They settle on the deck of the shack to count the money as four armed men stand guard. Satisfied with the money, Luke tells John the buyer's associate can pick up the goods on the water and they'll drink to celebrate. Luke also signals his boat to follow through with the deal. When the German buyer is satisfied, the boat bringing John takes off. John then shoves a gun against Luke's side ordering him to tell his crew to go about their business. They then take the cases to the boat and get in but John isn't prepared for Luke to hit the throttle throwing him off-balance. Luke throws his knife, killing John and dumping him into the ocean!

Act Seven

The police boat drives out to the approximate location of the ship Mr. Ho described. Inspector Chu asks for a map and once he has it, explains to McGarrett and Danno where the territorial waters and international waters meet. While they can come and go as they please, they cannot engage in any action in international waters, only territorial waters.

Luke returns the speedboat to the shack with Selah asking if he's okay. Luke yells orders to take four guys per boat; no weapons left behind and leave the rest for the fishing party. They take off for the freighter as the police boat closes in. While on their way, McGarrett and Danno spot two speedboats through binoculars with McGarrett telling the pilot to "make a hard right". McGarrett confirms it is Luke as the police boat gives chase but can only to a point due to international waters. Luke signals for the second boat to engage the police boat, which is successful in disabling the speedboat, but allows Luke's boat to escape into international waters! The police boat stops much to the McGarrett's anger and frustration. Inspector Chu says the best they can do is to pick up the second boat.

Luke and his men arrive at the freighter with no sign of any movement. Selah's opinion is that they're off celebrating. Luke orders the driver to take them to it. They board the freighter only to find General Oban already there! When they train their guns onto him, General Oban tells Luke, "that would be your second error". Luke claims not to know who the general is and General Oban calls out his men so they are in the middle of a standoff. General Oban then calls out two associates who drag out Dolores between them: they've been pumping heroin into Dolores working their way up to eight ounces, the same amount that killed Terri. So far, they have given her three ounces and she will be given the rest unless Luke surrenders himself to General Oban who gives him five minutes to choose. A speedboat approaches, diverting everyone's attention but Selah recognizes the boat as theirs, so they have reinforcements. Luke doesn't believe it, now under pressure to make a decision. McGarrett boards in the middle of the standoff trying to bluff both Luke and General Oban but they both know he doesn't have a leg to stand on because they're in international waters. General Oban orders Dolores taken back inside. McGarrett tries to persuade Luke to surrender to him but Luke refuses. McGarrett yells to General Oban that he's working his way up and he's unarmed but as he does, Luke and Selah plot a way out: kill McGarrett and General Oban!

McGarrett makes it to the top deck wanting to take Dolores, which General Oban will allow once Luke surrenders to him. McGarrett readies to take Dolores but General Oban holds out his gun threatening to kill McGarrett but it would be counter-productive to his plan of vengeance. McGarrett tells General Oban if he's serious about avenging Terri's death, he should turn the gun on himself because he's the Honolulu connection! Otherwise, he wouldn't be on the freighter! General Oban forces McGarrett to the floor as Luke makes his choice: he's going to surrender to General Oban. As Luke works his way to General Oban, Selah sneaks a .38 caliber pistol to Luke. As Luke confronts General Oban, Selah orders their faction to open fire as the two groups eliminate each other as Luke and General Oban shoot each other before Luke can hit McGarrett. General Oban is killed outright while Luke tells McGarrett he's won but McGarrett tells Luke he's lost before Luke dies. Danno appears behind McGarrett as he pulls up the speedboat and the war between the factions has ended.

At the airport, McGarrett and Dolores part ways as she readies to board flight 1 to Hong Kong. Dolores realizes Luke only cared about himself in the end and she can now move forward, knowing the truth. The good thing is her search is over and she can truly begin again. Danno escorts Dolores to her flight ad Inspector Chu walks up behind McGarrett asking when he flies out: "tonight, I guess. I've got to testify before the Grand Jury in Honolulu, on Monday". Inspector Chu tells McGarrett to call him "Eddie" when McGarrett extends an invitation to visit Honolulu. But will it really be a vacation in 'the year of the horse'?

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