S11E16 - The Bark And The Bite - Plot

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Act One

A flight arrives from the mainland as a woman (Tricia O'Neil) stands among the crowd to claim her luggage. While she stands there, a dog yips and she tells "Daphne" to lie down but a security guard (Robert Lee) overhears everything, telling her the dog must go through quarantine and she won't be able to leave the airport with her Yorkshire terrier. She tries to play it off that she did not just fly in but an attendant walking by gives Ms. Conover away. The conversation gains the attention of a man (Cooper Huckabee) loitering beside a magazine stand. Another man (John Saxon) stops her before she leaves the airport telling her Hawaii takes their quarantine very seriously. The man, named Harry Clive, talking to her can relate explaining they just took his dog off the plane. Clive goes on saying the kennels are very clean and visits are allowed as often as the owner wants. Ms. Conover relents handing Daphne to the security guard.

In McGarrett's office, he speaks to the governor who asks McGarrett to keep an eye on Dilys Conover, Daphne's owner, while she's on the islands. The governor explains her mother Harriet was one of his dearest friends and frankly, Dilys is spoiled. McGarrett realizes he's read about some famous Conover jewels, which the governor confirms: a pair of Burmese rubies "worth a fortune". When Harriet passed, one was bequeathed to Dilys and the other to her sister Laura (Lynn Ellen Hollinger), which was recently stolen in San Francisco. The governor is concerned Dilys has brought the other ruby with and wants McGarrett to have a talk with between his other obligations: testifying "in that H.P.D. lawsuit, I've got to give a deposition in the Miller Case, and I have to appear before League of Women Voters". The governor insists.

McGarrett goes to see Dilys about the ruby but she's only interested in getting Daphne back. She'll only talk about the ruby once she has Daphne back out of quarantine. However, McGarrett doesn't want to trade off anything, besides he has no control over the pet quarantine. She assures him she has taken precautions to keep the ruby safe especially considering the pair could easily be worth $1 million. She tells McGarrett she plans to just sunbathe, skin dive and miss her dog. She's on a retreat to "forget a very forgettable man".

Clive arrives at the 'Animal Quarantine Station' with the other man from the airport behind him. Inside, a worker (Nita Talbot) at the facility speaks to Dilys about Daphne adjusting really well including bonding with Dudley the Bloodhound in the next kennel. Dilys voices her concern about the "meaningful relationship" between Daphne and Dudley to Eudora Finch who is the worker she's talking with. Clive approaches the women so he can visit Dudley. Eudora breaks away because it's snack time for the pets in the facility and she doesn't want to mess with their schedules. Clive and Dilys talk with him eventually asking her to dinner and she agrees.

When McGarrett arrives at Five-O, Danno is sharpening up on the latest gossip: there is a mystery man taking Dilys all over Oahu! McGarrett wonders if the man has something to hide. Danno offers to check him out and McGarrett agrees due to his favor for the governor.

Dilys and Clive have dinner at a nice restaurant with Danno keeping an eye on them from a distance. Clive suggests they should celebrate their one-week anniversary since they met the next night by dressing up. Dilys says she doesn't have anything really dressy but he knows she can come up with something. The waitress (Kathy Paulo) arrives with their check as Danno talks to McGarrett over the phone. He comments racketeers don't burn the candle at both ends they way Dilys and Clive do and asks if Duke was able to track down the car. McGarrett identifies the man as Harry Clive thanks to the rental agency. McGarrett also says Clive has a permanent address in Bel Air, California with a temporary one in Honolulu as a house in the Kahala area. He wants Danno to take the check he handled, take it to the laboratory and run his prints: they'll have a positive identification in the morning. When the waitress Mei Lu gets near him, Danno takes the check as she gives him a hard time about her tip! He tells her to call him at the office because she's just made "a major contribution to law and order in Hawaii".

The next morning, a telex arrives in Five-O with Danno ripping it off. He goes into McGarrett's office and briefs, "Harry Clive's real name is Howard Caine. He's suspected of being one of the top society burglars on the mainland" but he's never been caught with the jewels he's stolen. McGarrett says the favor now becomes a whole different animal. He calls Luana (Laura Sode): he wants her to contact Captain Mills at the San Francisco Police to find a mug shot of Howard Caine and to show Dilys' sister Laura the picture. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno take off for the house Clive is renting.

McGarrett and Danno arrive at the house but Clive isn't there. Instead, they find the place ransacked and as they look around the mess, the other man who's been following Clive takes off! He's too fast as neither McGarrett nor Danno can catch him as he runs down the beach.

Act Two

As McGarrett and Danno return to the house, Clive walks in accusing them of tearing the place apart! McGarrett tells him they didn't ransack the house and ask him why he's in Hawaii. Clive claims he's there for a mix of business and pleasure saying his business is in imports. When asked about Dilys, Clive tells them he known her a week but doesn't understand why they're asking. McGarrett backs off for now but tells Clive if he figures out who ransacked the room to let them know right away. As they walk out, McGarrett tells Danno he won't hold his breath as Danno asks about a tail but McGarrett rejects the idea for now.

McGarrett and Danno drive off as McGarrett radios into the Five-O office: he checks on Caine's mug shot, which is being shown to Laura. He tells Luana he wants Laura's San Francisco phone number so he can call her on he returns to the office. Meanwhile, Clive leaves the house.

In San Francisco, Laura talks to McGarrett on the phone not caring one way or another if Dilys is taken advantage of by "riffraff". McGarrett encourages her to look at the photo because this may be an opportunity to recover her stolen ruby. She looks at the photo but says she remembers another man who was bald and had a moustache. She met him at one of her meetings of the Civic Purity League, a group she formed to improve the moral climate of San Francisco. The meetings are open to anyone and she wasn't wearing the ruby: it was in a safe in the library. Laura explains she found it missing a few days after the meeting when she returned from a trip in the country. When McGarrett asks if there's anything Laura would like to pass on to Dilys, she goes off to the point McGarrett puts her on speaker so Danno can hear the unending lists of insults! They leave "to check something".

Clive goes to the quarantine facility to take Dudley and leave Hawaii. He tells Eudora it was a family illness with her asking, "nothing rabid?" Clive looks at her weird clarifying the illness is in a human family member and he's hoping to leave Honolulu "tomorrow". The guy, who has been following Clive, overhears the conversation outside the kennels.

McGarrett and Danno arrive at Dilys' hotel with the intention of letting her know Clive is dangerous but not revealing any true identities because there's the possibility they're working together. Danno waits in the Marquis Brougham as McGarrett proceeds to Dilys' room.

Eudora escorts a reporter, Mr. Armitage, who is the guy who has been following Clive, through the kennels. She tells him her boss Ms. Hughes (Pat Herman) didn't tell her to expect a reporter but asks what kind of article he's writing. Armitage claims he wants to write about the people behind the dogs, what they're like. Eudora introduces Daphne and Mahomet who belongs to a sheik who wasnÕt happy about the quarantine and tried to buy the islands to get out of it. Armitage asks about Clive who Eudora says belongs to Dudley. Eudora explains Dudley has been there a week and will be taken out tomorrow, Eudora says it'll be traumatic for Dudley.

McGarrett talks to Dilys who chews him out for involving Laura going so far to say they would make the perfect couple, "Mr. and Mrs. Clean". She accuses him of trying to ruin her vacation when he tells her they believe Clive was at her sister's house in San Francisco when Laura's ruby disappeared. McGarrett tries to give her a simple warning but she bristles, chewing him out because he implies "that my judgment is no good". McGarrett gives up, leaving his card for her should she need to contact him at the office. As he leaves, the phone rings: it's Clive making sure they're still dressing for the evening.

Act Three

Armitage looks over Dudley as Eudora approaches him about his lie of being a reporter. She demands he leave immediately but he gives her a sob story about Dudley really being his dog. She doesn't believe that either so he pulls his gun and threatens to shoot Dudley! Eudora helps him take Dudley out of quarantine out to a van parked on the street including past a front guard. Armitage tells her Dudley will be back in an hour and to count to ten before she moves, which she does but she counts fast!

At HPD, a dispatcher (Fred Ball) takes Eudora's call as she tells him what happened and gives a description of Dudley! Well, he did ask for the name and description of the victim: it's a dognapping! The dispatcher asks her to start over and hopefully she'll calm down.

Armitage takes Dudley for a ride through Honolulu driving past Kapiolani Park. Meanwhile in Dilys' hotel room, she adjusts the temperature as she waits for Clive in a formal gown with the ruby prominent. Armitage keeps driving as Clive takes a cab. Armitage drives to an out of the way place where he parked his rental car to transfer Dudley to it but when he pulls Dudley out, Dudley takes off! Armitage calls him back to no avail.

As Danno drives around town, the dispatcher radios him about Dudley being taken from animal quarantine and Clive owns Dudley, according to the records. Meantime, Clive arrives at Dilys' hotel room by climbing through the back!

When Danno arrives at Five-O, he goes straight to McGarrett telling him about Dudley. McGarrett is confused, it doesn't make any sense why anyone would steal the dog but Danno says it has to mean something.

In Dilys' hotel room, Clive admires the ruby she's wearing while Armitage shows up pretending to be hotel staff delivering champagne. When Clive challenges him as to why he's still there, Armitage pulls his gun to steal the ruby! Dilys tosses him the gem hoping it causes him as much grief as it has caused her! Armitage then wants lots of towels and warns her not to try any funny stuff. Clive tries to talk Armitage out of the crime.

At the quarantine station, Eudora talks to McGarrett and Danno about Dudley's abduction. Danno asks for a description but she focuses on Dudley again! McGarrett stops her before she goes too far as Daphne nips him! McGarrett and Danno go back to the car where dispatch calls: the van has been found but it appears Dudley got away. McGarrett orders an APB on a Bloodhound "and I don't want any comments". During this, Dilys calls in and the dispatcher puts her through to McGarrett. After she frees herself enough, she tells him about her ruby being stolen and describes the man with Danno commenting, "Old Freckle face has had a busy day". Dilys tells McGarrett the guy told her by the time they were contacted he would be long gone. Danno goes to check the airport as McGarrett orders another APB, this time for Armitage.

Back at the hotel, Dilys frees Clive confessing Armitage got away with a fake partly because McGarrett made her nervous about it. She goes on letting Clive know McGarrett suspected him of being a thief. That doesn't stop her from retrieving the ruby from its hiding place and showing Clive. Things go south for though as Clive chloroforms her!

Act Four

Danno brings Armitage into Five-O and asks why he stole the Bloodhound but Armitage claims to know nothing about it. Danno introduces him to McGarrett as he produces the ruby Armitage had on him as he tried to board a flight to Hong Kong. McGarrett looks it over and realizes it's a fake! McGarrett tells Armitage what he's up against: two charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. However, should he cooperate, things could improve. Armitage tells them about being a waiter for a catering service in San Francisco where he worked a party at one of Laura's meetings. He noticed Clive studying Laura's safe and decided to watch and follow him. His plan was to get a hold of at least one of the rubies and make a deal with Clive. But there's one piece left out: what about Dudley? At that point, Dudley barges into the office followed by an HPD officer! Dudley goes straight to McGarrett jumping up and licking him with McGarrett obviously not a dog person and Danno cracks up at the shenanigans.

Clive shows up at the Quarantine Center where Eudora tells him the bad news: Dudley is gone! She tells him the police are looking for him including Five-O. Clive is confused until Eudora mentions McGarrett, then he takes off.

Back in McGarrett's office, he looks over Dudley and especially at his collar. That's when McGarrett notices the ruby attached to it, a perfect cover for Clive who has never been caught with the loot he's stolen. The phone rings: it's Dilys who in her own way apologizes to McGarrett because he was right about Clive. After the call, he and Danno take Dudley out only to be stopped by Ms. Hughes who berates him about Dudley being out of quarantine. McGarrett explains they need Dudley for an operation to close a criminal case. Eudora tries to reason with her but to no avail as Hughes stomps out of Five-O.

Clive packs as McGarrett tries to put Dudley at the front door but Dudley follows McGarrett back to a surveillance spot. Eudora steps in placing Dudley at the front and making him stay. Dudley makes some noise gaining Clive's attention and he opens the front door. Once he removes the ruby from Dudley's collar, McGarrett and Danno move in to arrest him! When Dudley tries to go in the house, McGarrett pulls him back only to have him taken by Eudora back to quarantine!

In McGarrett's office, he and Danno discuss another case to be turned over to HPD. Dilys and Eudora show up with Dilys thanking them, especially McGarrett, for taking care of her. She also explains she'll be taking Daphne and Dudley home with her as Daphne is absolutely miserable without him. McGarrett also presents Eudora a certificate from Five-O recognizing her contribution to their criminal case resolution. Eudora has something for him as well, a citation for breaking the quarantine! Both McGarrett and Danno try to argue but McGarrett relents, "book me, Danno". Poor Danno has no idea how to handle it!

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