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Act One

It's a busy night at Sonny K's disco with lots of dancing inside and a long line outside. Joey (Brian Tochi) is the deejay and Yvonne (Yvonne Elliman) takes over at his booth so he can have a break and some fun. Outside, a man (Richard Dimitri) tells a bouncer to make sure no one underage gets in as a Lincoln Continental pulls up and a guy (Antony Ponzini) gets out. The man is Sonny who tells Ray business could be better. Ray offers to be a partner but Sonny already has one. Ray drags Sonny inside to go talk to Sonny's partner. As Joey dances, he watches Sonny and Ray come in to speak to a man (John Barry) at the bar. The three men go to an office.

In the office, Sonny tells Bernie to listen to Ray but Bernie isn't interested. Ray proposes to Bernie to take "Hawaiian Restaurant Supplies' service before the price goes up" but Bernie retorts the prices are already twice than what they should be. Ray says the booze and cigarettes are good deals but Bernie still isn't buying it: "they're hotter than West Texas in July". Bernie doesn't like Ray who he considers a puny gangster in a small pond. Bernie threatens to bring reinforcements if Ray doesn't leave them alone. Ray spits back the services would have been a bargain in the long run. Sonny is caught in the middle knowing Ray is kumu and if they want to stay in business, they have to deal with them. Bernie says "not everybody" and that Sonny worries too much.

Ray goes outside signaling a man (Bernard Ching) across the street before climbing into his car and leaving. The man gets out of a station wagon with another man who carries a briefcase and make their way to a back parking lot. Meanwhile, the party continues inside.

Later, Bernie walks out as his car is pulled around. He gets in and takes off driving down the road eventually putting in an 8-track tape. Bernie keeps driving until his car blows up!

The next morning, McGarrett and Danno examine what's left of the car in the HPD garage. Danno give the run down on the driver: "Bernard Adams. Forty-one years old. From Dallas, Texas". Bernie wasn't a tourist rather a partner in Sonny K's housed in a Waikiki hotel. Danno goes on that HPD believes the bomb was planted while the car was in the garage. McGarrett wants Danno to dig up what he can on Bernie by contacting the mainland because he has a hunch this was a professional hit. McGarrett asks Ed, a lab technician (Winston Char) what he thinks as Ed goes through some pieces. Ed has been able to ascertain the timing device was activated when the cassette was inserted, another earmark of a professional hit. McGarrett knows the kumu usually has its fingers in the nightclub business and wants to start with Bernie's partner: Sonny Kanekoa.

Sonny talks on the phone in his office, it's Yvonne making sure her brother is okay. She heard about the explosion on the news and didn't know if Sonny was in the car too. She wants him to attend church on Sunday because she's singing a solo and he tells her he'll try. She hangs up the phone and turns her attention to the man (James Darren) in her apartment. Johnny plays the piano pointing out a song to her that he's finally completed and she loves it. She knows it's a great song with him saying it will be once she sings it. They do a preliminary recording and he's really happy with the result.

The next morning, Sonny and Joey work out the sound on the dance floor. McGarrett walks in during the sound check with Joey recognizing him but McGarrett waves him off because he needs to speak to Sonny. Once the music stops, Sonny tells McGarrett he's already told his story but McGarrett wants to hear it for himself. Sonny says Bernie left a little after midnight and he never saw him again. McGarrett asks about anyone wanting to kill Bernie or if anyone is trying to muscle in on the business but Sonny pretends to be clueless, which McGarrett doesn't buy. He then moves on to Sonny's and Bernie's business relationship with Sonny joking, "we used to say that Bernie had the dough and I had the know". McGarrett asks what Sonny knew about Bernie's background, which Sonny didn't. Sonny says Bernie had the money to help Sonny start his club and he didn't ask any questions. Sonny cuts off the questioning with McGarrett agreeing, for now. McGarrett looks back as the music starts again.

Outside, the guy in the station wagon spots McGarrett leaving Sonny K's and makes a phone call. Meanwhile, as McGarrett drives around he radios Danno to make contact with Joey to see what can be discovered about the club's operation. McGarrett senses Sonny is scared of something, probably the "wrong connections" but doubts he could have set up the hit, especially since it was done so professionally. McGarrett wants the background on him anyway so they have all the bases covered.

In Los Angeles, a man (George Herman) walks into the office of Mr. Francis (Nehemiah Persoff) with the bad news about Bernie. It looks like a "pro job" but the lawyer has no name. Francis wants a name telling the lawyer not to come back until he has one.

Ray and his goons pay Sonny a visit wrecking havoc with busted light bulbs and broken records. Sonny agrees to go in with whatever Ray is offering and that includes taking Ray on as a partner!

Act Two

McGarrett walks into his office as Duke briefs about Bernie from the Dallas police: "Bernard Adams. No felony or misdemeanor arrests. Two drunk driving citations. One reckless driving". Bernie used to work for Lone Star Entertainment that had its hands into all sorts of cash businesses such as talent management, records, food and liquor distribution and vending machines. McGarrett wants Duke to dig deeper because Bernie showed up with a bundle to invest into a disco. He also suggests contacting the Justice Department's organized crime task force based in Dallas to run Lone Star Entertainment through the computer. McGarrett then wants to know about Sonny: "narcotic misdemeanor arrests, petty theft, receiving stolen goods" and he's been known to associate with kumu members. Danno points out it would be nearly impossible for someone who grew up in "the Kulii district of Honolulu not to know someone in the kumu". McGarrett notices Yvonne among Sonny's information with Danno adding "she's really got it" and could hit the big time. McGarrett is greatly concerned about the case because they may be just seeing a fraction of the problems.

At Sonny K's, Johnny and Yvonne play the song for Sonny and Joey as Ray works in the office. Ray stops, liking what her hears eventually walking out to the main bar area with dance floor. Yvonne wants to make a demo record but they don't have the money to make a good one and asks Sonny for the money but he refuses. Ray walks over asking if she would take an investor. Sonny introduces Ray to Johnny and Yvonne and would like to make the song into a disco tune but Johnny says it's not meant to be a disco song. Yvonne explains Johnny wrote it and he pushes back on Ray's persistence. Ray isn't worried telling her he'll be in church Sunday to hear her sing because that's where she found her voice.

That night, Sally (Melveen Leed) sings on stage as McGarrett walks in. She nonverbally acknowledges him as he signals back. He waits for her and she immediately walks over after her song. She comments he doesn't know much about music after he says she should be singing in the big time. McGarrett needs some information on the Honolulu music business. She tells him it's small to start with not much television and a few radio stations. Mainland trends slowly make their way across the Pacific but the Hawaiian sound is catching on. McGarrett then asks about the disco scene with her answering there's plenty of money in that and they need everything nightclubs do, only more: "laundry services, restaurant supplies, vending machines, and plenty booze". McGarrett then asks about Sonny but Sally doesn't know him as well as she knows Yvonne. Sally tells him Yvonne is hooked up with a guy named Johnny Munroe but he doesn't get along with people. McGarrett says Yvonne wouldn't be the first to team up with the wrong guy.

Act Three

Ray pays a rich man (Ross Martin) a visit telling him about Yvonne and that she could get them into the music business. Ray has stars in his eyes as they could wrap every corner of the business. The man likes the idea but tells Ray he doesn't want any more unnecessary attention like what happened when Ray dealt with Bernie. Ray talks about their main obstacle in signing Yvonne: Johnny. Ray asks if there's a way to prevent Johnny from getting Yvonne a record deal so that she would have no choice but to sign with them. The man answers, "I think something can be arranged".

Johnny goes around town being blocked at every turn with the record companies. He confronts an old friend (Jimmy Borges) at a disco who tells him a "powerful enemy" is deliberately blocking Johnny.

At Ala Moana Community Church, Yvonne sings her solo as Ray listens to her from the pews. Ray meets with Yvonne after the service offering to take her to brunch wondering what Johnny is to her. When Yvonne says Johnny has been guiding her career, Ray counters that he's in but Johnny has the problem in an attempt to put a wedge between them. When Yvonne bristles as the badmouthing, Ray backpedals telling her he's actually jealous of Johnny and proceeds to take her to brunch.

In McGarrett's office with Joey present, Danno briefs about Yvonne: "she still sings in the church choir. So clean she probably squeaks". McGarrett then asks about Johnny, which there isn't much. He played in Las Vegas once and apparently he fired his manager for spending and losing Johnny's money on the tables. Everything just faded away including Johnny. The phone rings: the organized crime task force put a red flag on Five-O's request on Bernie and Lone Star Entertainment. McGarrett isn't amused telling Danno to send a telex back making it a priority request that they need the information and to copy in the Attorney General in Washington D.C.!

In Los Angeles, the lawyer reports back to Francis verifying the kumu was behind the hit. He goes on saying Alika, the rich man from earlier, brought in a guy from New York named Ray Santoro who has become Sonny Kanekoa's new partner. Francis recognizes Ray's name from East Coast dealings including the Columbo family's music business. When the lawyer suggests they let it go, Francis goes off not willing to let the situation slide. Francis vows they will do something.

Yvonne shows up at Johnny's apartment saying Ray is offering a record deal. Johnny tells her they want a deal but not from Ray, he's kumu. Yvonne doesn't believe because Ray is Sonny's partner and he wouldn't do that. Johnny dares her to ask Sonny, knowing he's right. Johnny starts playing the piano piquing Yvonne's interest as to what the new song is. They sing the song together and decide to write the music and when Yvonne gets some paper from Johnny's briefcase, she sees his gun.

Act Four

McGarrett goes to visit Alika but has to get past one guy (Eddie Vierra) first, which McGarrett does after knocking Eddie off balance. Alika watches it all go down calling off Eddie as McGarrett bests him. McGarrett walks with Alika "suggesting" he reconsider going into the disco business. Alika denies knowing Ray well saying they service the same customers. McGarrett doesn't buy it pointing out someone eliminated Bernie and now Sonny and Ray are partners in a thriving disco business. McGarrett tells Alika he can count on seeing him again after he's about to leave after mentioning "murder". Alika isn't pleased. McGarrett drives off after giving Eddie a hard time about their initial tussle. Meanwhile, Alika calls Billy Swan (Vic Malo) to have somebody find Ray.

Yvonne drives to the back of Sally's Alley going inside to happily interrupt Sally and her accounting. Yvonne seeks her advice on how to start up her career.

At Alika's, Billy brings in Ray with Alika wanting to slow down Ray's music plans. Ray pushes back saying in a few days, Yvonne will know she'll have to go with them and Johnny won't be a problem. Alika doesn't like the sound of any of it and is straight up with Ray: if another body shows up, there will be a third, his.

Yvonne and Sally continue to talk with Sally asking if Yvonne has told Johnny how she feels. She's afraid to because the feelings may not be mutual. They then talks about Ray with Sally confirming he's kumu. Sally then offers to Yvonne to talk to McGarrett but she refuses leaving the bar. Sally then makes a phone call.

At Sonny K's, Yvonne pushes her way through the crowd on a mission as Joey watches her from the deejay booth. Yvonne rushes into Sonny's office demanding to know about Ray. They argue with Sonny saying he doesn't have a choice because he could wind up like Bernie. Besides, they're on top at the moment and Sonny wants to be there. There's no way to fight the kumu, so the only thing left is to play by their rules. Yvonne says Johnny can but Sonny points out Johnny hasn't gotten her anywhere. Disgusted, Yvonne walks out of the office. Meantime, McGarrett and Danno show up where they split up with McGarrett working his way across the dance floor as Danno takes another route. Meanwhile, Ray shows up in the office knowing something happened by looking at Sonny. Sonny tells him Yvonne discovered Ray was kumu and she'll probably stick with Johnny. Yvonne calls Johnny telling him she knows the truth about Ray and what Sonny has done. He's sorry she had to find out that way, Yvonne says she's behind Johnny 100 percent and there's something else she wants to tell him but not over the phone. When she hangs up, she runs into McGarrett who offers to help her but she says she doesn't need his help, "not anymore".

At Johnny's apartment, he plays the piano waiting on her when there's a knock. He answers it only to be beaten up for his trouble by Ray's goons. Johnny tries to fight back but the odds are two to one. They leave Johnny on the floor after gut punching him and pass Yvonne in the hall! She finds Johnny who wants the phone to call friends on the mainland without Sally and the police. Johnny is ready to start World War Three!


Act One

Johnny flies to Los Angeles to meet up with Phil (Brendan Burns) who is working in a recording studio and 'P and F Records'. He and Phil are friends but haven't seen each other in about six years. He gives Phil the tape of Yvonne and while Phil likes it, he has a bunch of demos of all girls so he doesn't need any right now. Besides, he has a partner but Johnny says that's exactly who he wants to talk to.

In Francis' office, Johnny makes his case: Francis could be a major power in Hawaii putting out local artists. However, Francis is skeptical because Johnny was with them before only to walk away from a promising career. Johnny says he's done being an "idealist" and things are the same in the islands with the kumu running things. Francis says he'll think about it and the more he thinks about it, the more he likes the idea of getting in on Hawaii's music business.

McGarrett arrives at Sally's while Yvonne is there. Inside, Sally tells him Yvonne is shook up and scared while giving him a cup of coffee to give her. McGarrett sits next to Yvonne and starts talking to her. She tells him about Johnny being beaten up the other night, by Ray's goons is McGarrett's guess and Yvonne confirms that. She goes on saying Johnny was going to handle things himself by going to the mainland to get her a recording contract. She's afraid when Ray finds out, things will get worse and she tells McGarrett Johnny will be on the 3:00 flight from LA. McGarrett plans to have Five-O at the airport in case Ray plans a homecoming of his own.

Danno and Duke wait at the airport for Johnny with Duke wondering why Sonny hasn't been picked up. Danno explains he can't share anything new and would run straight to Ray anyway. The passengers from the LA flight disembark with Danno and Duke immediately recognizing Allie Francis and both wonder why Johnny's with him. They split up with Duke staying on the group and Danno takes off to call McGarrett to report what's going on. Meanwhile, Francis, Phil and Johnny get into a car to go to the Ilikai. McGarrett wants Danno and Duke to pick up Johnny but to wait until he's alone. He wants Francis to believe he's free to do what he wants and hopefully makes a mistake.

Act Two

Johnny is finally brought into McGarrett's office where McGarrett asks him some questions such as where he got the bruises on his face and why is hanging out with Francis. McGarrett warns him not to take the kumu lightly and Johnny says he's not and that Francis is a partner to a friend in the record business. Johnny says Francis is in Honolulu to hear Yvonne sing. McGarrett and Danno don't buy his story about Francis with McGarrett asking him does he have any idea what will happen once the kumu figures out Francis is in town. McGarrett then lets him go and as Johnny is about to leave he asks what is so bad about the two mobs whipping each other out: all the innocent people in between. Once the door closes, McGarrett tells Danno to contact LAPD to get word on any of Francis' soldiers moving toward Hawaii and confirm with HPD on their arrivals.

At Alika's house, he talks to Ray and Sonny with Billy present about Francis being in Honolulu. Ray verifies Francis checked into the Ilikai because the chauffeur who drove him there is a friend of Ray's. Alika gets to the point, asking Sonny about what he knew about Bernie. Sonny says he had lots of money but he didn't know where the money came from and he didn't ask. Ray puts it together: they wasted one of Francis' soldiers! Ray goes after Sonny to kill him but Billy pulls him off with Alika yelling at Ray to "shut up". He tells them both they go about business as usual he'll handle the situation.

In Johnny's apartment, he chews on Yvonne for telling McGarrett what was going on. She was worried but Johnny assures her he knows what he's doing. However, the tension is short-lived as he admits his feelings for her and she says she loves him.

At Sonny K's, the place is jammed packed again with Joey seeing Johnny, Francis and Phil walking in. They find a place to sit, as Francis wants to talk to the owner. Johnny finds Sonny at the bar bringing him over to Francis who wants to talk in Sonny's office. As Francis and Sonny enter the office, Joey makes his way to a phone to call McGarrett telling him Johnny showed up with four men and one went into Sonny's office. McGarrett now has a second confirmation Francis is in Honolulu.

At the Ilikai, Francis enters his hotel suite followed by Phil and Johnny. He tells Johnny he'll think about the disco scene and whether he wants to jump in before pulling Phil into another room to talk privately. Francis tells Phil he was able confirm Ray had Bernie killed but he'll take care of it. He's interested in jumping into the disco scene and signing Yvonne. Francis is about to take a shower only to find a dead shark hanging off the showerhead! Francis freaks out of course and yells to order a bunch of soldiers brought to Honolulu!

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, Joey reports on what happened at the disco: after Johnny and the others left, Sonny seemed really scared and starting calling all over town looking for Ray. Ray then walks in with Sonny telling him Francis was there, they then went to the back office to talk about it. After awhile, they come out "laughing and joking". McGarrett suspects Ray is about to make a move. Danno suggests bringing in Sonny but McGarrett figures he's just a front and really doesn't know what's going on, Ray wouldn't trust him with that kind of information. Joey wishes he could be more help and McGarrett wants him back at his job keeping his eyes open. As Joey walks out, Duke walks in with information on two more soldiers arriving from LA, which brings the total to eight in two days. McGarrett wants the pictures and id's to keep coming in sending Duke to inform HPD. McGarrett paces telling Danno they're facing a "full-scale invasion" with eight that they know of!

Ray and Sonny are riding toward Alika's place to hear what happened with Francis straight out of Sonny's mouth. However, at a stop sign a car pulls alongside taking a shot into the back seat! A chase ensues with a blue Continental running the station wagon off the road. Once the car stops in some bushes, Sonny crawls out and takes off running with Ray chasing him but only to a point: he stops and goes back to the car.

At the Ilikai, McGarrett visits Francis as Phil pours drinks. McGarrett is there to discuss the car chase with the station wagon riddled with buckshot and two guys in the prison ward of the hospital in the same condition. McGarrett warns Francis he isn't going to standby and allow Oahu to become a combat zone between him and Alika or anyone else. McGarrett gives Francis a schedule of all the flights to the mainland telling him he would be wise to use it. Before McGarrett leaves, Francis asks him why he does what he does because at the end of the day, at least to Francis, nothing changes. McGarrett explains, "when I was 13 years old, I stood in a rainy cemetery one morning, holding my mother's hand, and watched my father's body lowered into a wet grave. It took my mother 20 years of backbreaking work to bring us up and educate us". He goes on about how his father at the age of 42 was run down by a guy making a getaway after a robbery. McGarrett took a vow in the cemetery that day he was going to be a cop. He tells Francis in no uncertain terms he needs to get off his island.

At Sally's Alley, Yvonne sings the new song with Francis and Phil in the audience with Johnny who says, "I tell you, it's number one with a bullet, for sure". Francis agrees with Phil to sign her up. After her song, Yvonne goes to her dressing room when Joey walks in with a package for Johnny from Sonny believing it's a demo tape. However, things go south fast as an officer (Ernest G. Chan) from HPD Narcotics bursts in with another officer grabbing Joey asking about the package. It's not a tape, it's drugs! As the bust goes down, Johnny and Sally walk into the middle of it. Joey thought it was a cassette from Sonny; at least that's what Ray told him. The second HPD officer says they had a good tip about the drugs and sure enough, they've found them. As Yvonne and Joey are taken away, Johnny puts his gun in his jacket and takes off because he's done.

Sonny shows up at Ray's hotel room wanting him to buy out his part of the disco. Sonny wants out and off the islands. Ray tells him he needs to run the disco and there's no way he's going anywhere. There's a knock at the door: it's Johnny with his gun drawn! Johnny is every which way ticked because Yvonne is now involved. Ray admits to sending the package but it was meant for Johnny and not her! Sonny is stuck in the middle again but distract Johnny enough that Ray knocks the gun out of his hands and he shoots Johnny dead! Sonny freaks out and Ray gives him money to get out of town. Ray now has a problem: another dead body.

Act Four

At HPD, McGarrett questions Joey knowing he was caught up in the gang war. McGarrett verifies Ray gave Joey the package telling him it was from Sonny because Johnny had left cassettes with Sonny earlier. Danno walks in with Joey's release telling McGarrett Yvonne fell apart when she heard about Johnny. Sally took her to Johnny's apartment but no word on Ray or Sonny even though there's an APB on Ray with no activity on him at the airport and Duke's been looking for Sonny. McGarrett wants an APB on Sonny and to send Duke to the airport. McGarrett also wants Danno to pick up Francis to bring him to Alika's estate alone. McGarrett calls Luana (Laura Sode) to find the governor for him and to contact Franklin Cowden at the Federal Building telling the word is go.

At Alika's place, he talks on the phone saying he doesn't want anyone to move but to just be ready. Ray stands by about to fall over as Alika orders reports on Francis every hour. Alika is not happy because Ray did exactly what he didn't want, to kill somebody else. Alika tells Ray he started this whole mess and he's going to see it through to the end.

At the Ilikai, Danno shows up with a warrant and a pair of HPD officers. Francis asks what it's about with Danno answering, "suspicion of conspiracy to extort. Suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder". Francis looks at the warrant knowing it won't hold up and he wants Danno to tell McGarrett that. Danno has a better idea, Francis can tell McGarrett himself.

At the airport, Sonny gets off a shuttle to walk into the terminal but runs upon seeing Duke and a pair of HPD officers. Sonny runs for it but is caught by Duke, finally giving up. Afterward, Duke calls McGarrett telling him they have Sonny and he's probably ready to talk. McGarrett wants Duke to book him and to meet him at Alika's.

McGarrett arrives at Alika's as Alika and Ray are walking out, arresting Ray for Johnny's murder plus a plethora of charges including extortion and fraud. Danno and Duke pull in behind McGarrett as he informs Ray that Sonny was just picked up at the airport and they know he witnessed Johnny's murder. Ray pulls Alika to the side threatening to spill everything about the kumu if Alika doesn't help him out. McGarrett isn't impressed as he has Duke arrest Ray formally. As Ray is taken away, Danno brings in Francis, as Alika demands to know why he's there. McGarrett says Francis is there for the meeting McGarrett called. The three walk into the house alone with McGarrett laying it out: "I told you both before and I'm gonna tell you again for the last time. I will not have you bringing your hoods to Honolulu and turning this place into a shooting gallery". He makes it plain that they can shut them down or at least make it difficult to do business. McGarrett also has another ace up his sleeve: the Feds. They have warrants and could gather evidence of income-tax evasion on both men! Danno says that wraps it but McGarrett has one more visit to make.

McGarrett goes to see Yvonne at Johnny's apartment to encourage her to pick up the pieces and carry on with her career. They both know Johnny would want her to. Later, at a packed stadium, the Five-O team with Sally and Joey watch Yvonne perform dedicating her first song to Johnny.

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