S11E10 - “Why Won't Linda Die?” - Plot

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Act One

A man (Geoffrey Heise) waits by his car near some cliffs. Another car, a red sedan, shows up but rather than the people meeting, the car forces him over the cliff to his death!

McGarrett stands at his office door as the telex goes crazy and McGarrett has to yell over it. He's looking for anything on a hit and run near Hanauma Bay with the victim being Paul Evans. McGarrett explains he received a call from Inspector Parsons of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Toronto because Evans was a Parliament member. Danno works on the telex as the information finally flows in: Evans was registered at the Ilikai Hotel under the name of Edward Carver and his rental car from the airport was found at the scene. The story he gave his wife was that he was going fishing in Northern Canada and the Mounties want to know if he was intentionally run over. McGarrett wants Danno and Duke to check out the hotel room.

Danno and Duke search the hotel room Danno finding a briefcase in a closet. Inside, are four personal letters from a Honolulu address: Linda Forbes, 127 Kilani Avenue. Danno calls McGarrett about the information with McGarrett wanting Danno to check on Evans since he arrived in Honolulu.

McGarrett visits Diana Forbes (Sharon Farrell) who appears to be quite prissy and is busy at her typewriter. When he won't let off the buzzer, she finally answers the door and he explains he's looking for Linda (also Sharon Farrell). Diana tells him they're sisters and Linda isn't there at the moment because "she's working a flight to Los Angeles" as an airline stewardess. Diana finally allows McGarrett entry after talking through the small opening of the door. McGarrett then asks her if she knows Paul Evans or Edward Carver, which she doesn't, then he tells her they're investigating Paul's death. He goes on saying it appears Linda is the only person Paul knew in Honolulu and when he shows her the letter asking about Linda's handwriting, Diana clams up but not before giving her an alibi. She kicks McGarrett out but he gives her his card asking for Linda to call him when she gets back. After the door closes, Diana rips the card apart dumping it into an ashtray.

At Honolulu Airport, a pair of pilots part ways as David (James Whay) goes to a phone booth to call Diana to break their date giving her a story about a military buddy passing through.

McGarrett arrives at Iolani Palace with Duke stopping him to tell him about an eyewitness to the hit-and-run: a red Granada was leaving the area and nearly hit a tour bus! Duke says they're checking with DMV about all red Granadas and neither of the Forbes sisters own one.

Linda waits by a storefront for David in her brand new uniform. They smooch and talk about him calling Diana but Linda doesn't care and they head for his place.

At Five-O, Danno has information on Paul: he had visited Honolulu four times before always under the name of Carver. It seems to add up to an affair between Paul and Linda. McGarrett wonders when she'll return and Duke is trying to find out. Luana (Laura Sode) buzzes in about "Miss Forbes" is there to speak to him, but rather than being Linda, it's Diana. McGarrett was hoping it was Linda and Diana seems used to that as she walks in apologizing for being uncooperative the day before. Diana went through a box of Linda's and found some photographs with her and Paul, handing them to McGarrett.

Act Two

In McGarrett's office, Diana says the photos are dated from four years ago and taken in Toronto. Diana explains they lived in Toronto then but three years ago she arrived in Honolulu to research a magazine article and never left. She was able to talk Linda into moving with her. She also tells him Linda has a psychological problem and has been seeing a Dr. Robert Fleming (Lyle Bettger) in Honolulu about it after seeing several psychiatrists in Toronto with no success.

Duke goes to the airport to speak to Linda's co-workers including another stewardess (Mary Kondo) who tells him Linda has been with them for about two years and seems to be well liked. She also says Linda tends to be a loner and only associates with a pilot named David Coleman. When Duke asks when she'll be back, the stewardess says Linda isn't in LA!

In McGarrett's office, Duke briefs she called in sick with a substitute flying for her so she's been in Honolulu the whole time! Duke hands over David's address.

McGarrett visits David who tries to play it cool but McGarrett gets to the point: he knows they're "good friends". David explains Linda was with him last night and has been to his place several times. David's problem is that he's also been seeing Diana as well but he hasn't told Diana of the relationship. What's worse, David feels there's something not right about them: they're sisters, they live together but they're strangers. David also wonders if Linda didnŐt' go after him just for spite toward her sister. David says Linda left a couple of hours ago and they're supposed to meet for lunch at the Mahi Mahi. McGarrett wants to keep the date for him with David agreeing.

McGarrett meets Linda after David calls her giving her a heads up. Linda talks about how she met Paul in Toronto and after she moved to Hawaii he visited her but she wasn't interested. Linda seems a bit hyper about the whole situation saying she didn't see him on this trip and it's been about a year since she saw him last. She's pretty sure he didn't know anyone else in Hawaii and when McGarrett tells her he believes Paul was intentionally killed, she becomes excited about being arrested. However, McGarrett won't arrest her, but wants her to stay in Honolulu.

At the boat harbor, David breaks the bad news to Diana telling her he's being transferred to Seattle, a transfer he asked for to get away from the two sisters. Diana is melodramatic about it, believing he was seeing Linda on the side and this is his way to escape. As David leaves, she sits and cries. Afterward, Linda calls David who tells her it's over. He says he'll meet her at the pool in ten to 15 minutes. David then tries calling McGarrett but he's out of his office for the evening!

The next morning, a woman readies for a swim but screams when she finds David's body underwater!

Act Three

Later in the morning, HPD pulls David from the pool as the coroner (John Zenda) writes up some notes and Duke reports to Danno the lab crew is finishing in David's apartment. The coroner isn't sure what happened: he may fallen and hit his head or he could have been struck by something. The only thing he tells Danno for certain is that David has been dead for "several hours" but not anything specific timeframe. Duke says an Evelyn Barlow found David but she's pretty shook up at the whole experience. Danno decides to call McGarrett about the latest developments.

McGarrett goes to see Diana to break the news about David's death, which leaves her stunned. McGarrett has some answers but would still like to speak to Linda who is nowhere to be found and Diana doesn't know where she is. McGarrett fishes because something is amiss asking how she felt him leaving. He also tells Diana she could be a suspect if David's death was murder. She then asks about Linda, wouldn't she be a suspect too? Diana says she warned David on how he told Linda about him leaving. McGarrett stays on track asking if Linda had an address book and if he can see it. Diana obliges as he also borrows a picture of Linda. Before leaving, Diana asks him to "be gentle with her" and McGarrett nods.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with Linda's address book as McGarrett hangs up the phone with a doctor meeting him in ten minutes: Dr. Fleming who is Linda's "shrink". Danno has bad news, the address book isn't much help as most of the names are from Toronto and only five, all women, are from Honolulu. He mentions Duke may have something as McGarrett tells him to follow through on that. Luana stops them from leaving saying there is an "urgent call on two": the coroner with news as David was killed "before he hit the water".

Danno weaves quickly through HPD cars parked on a road to arrive on the scene of the ditched rental car: the red Granada they've been looking for. Duke reports the broken headlight matches the glass found near Paul's body and the paint matches bit found on Paul's clothing. It's registered to a car rental agency: Char Auto Rental. Duke will get a copy of the lease agreement from them and he shows Danno a stewardess hat found in the car.

Dr. Fleming talks to McGarrett on the Palace grounds about Linda who is "a very confused young woman with a great deal of suppressed hostility, particularly toward her sister, Diana". He believes Linda is near the edge of schizophrenia. Dr. Fleming continues saying the girls were born ten months apart and when he asked about Diana, Linda's attitude change in a heartbeat to one of malice and anger. Dr. Fleming says Linda had broken up a romance between Diana and a man while they were living in Toronto. Dr. Fleming confirms it was Paul!

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, Danno reports Duke is trying to locate the manager of the car rental because the office isn't open. They discuss the case because something about it bugs McGarrett. Danno flips it around: what if Linda killed Paul because he dumped her and David for the same reason? McGarrett considers it but there are other issues too, such as Linda continues to live with Diana even though Linda despises her and Diana claims to want to protect Linda but actually incriminates her. Not much sense there!

McGarrett enters Diana's apartment as she tosses away paperwork. The front door was open for the cab driver (Howard Kaohi) as she prepares to leave for Toronto. Diana says she's done and wants to get away from Hawaii and Linda. McGarrett asks why she lied about Paul with Diana sticking to her story that she didn't know him. However, based on what Dr. Fleming told him McGarrett knows she was once in love with him. When the cab driver arrives, she tells him to take the bags out but McGarrett stops him flashing his badge. Diana gives up stomping into the next room.

McGarrett paces the lanai by his office reading over a folder as Danno walks in with news from the car rental agency. Linda rented the car but McGarrett notices something on the agreement as the phone rings: it's Diana telling him about Linda calling her about meeting at the Hawaii Kai Mall in front of the flower shop but Diana refused. After she hangs up, McGarrett calls her a "strange lady" with Danno worriedly looking on.

McGarrett stakes out the flower shop noticing Linda stepping out and seemingly waiting for someone. Eventually, she gives up going to her car and driving around for a long period of time. McGarrett follows her until they finally reach a cemetery. Linda gets out walking to a grave marked by a cross. She places the flowers in the ground and leis around the cross kneeling to say The Lord's Prayer but McGarrett interrupts her: the grave is for Linda! Linda is actually Diana with McGarrett pulling off her wig! Diana drowned her sister in the surf on a lonely beach. Diana loses it, crying hysterically while ripping up the grass over Linda's grave. McGarrett eventually helps her up, walking her out of the cemetery.

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