S11E08 - “The Pagoda Factor” - Plot

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Act One

Prisoners are in the yard play football as one guy (Brian Tochi) walks behind a building after catching the ball. The guard turns his back not noticing the guy's movement as he makes his way to the roof and out of Oahu State Prison! Jumping off the roof, the guy runs into the woods and to a road where a blue station wagon picks him up. The station wagon drives to an abandoned station where the guy is taken inside to talk to McGarrett who drove the car and Danno! The guy smarts off about the disrepair of the digs with Danno telling him to sit down: the guy doesn't think Danno likes him. McGarrett asks, "should he?" but doesn't dwell long, bringing Joey up to speed on what's going on. There is a reason they sprung him from prison: to do a job and if Joey does it well, McGarrett will try to get him a break. Joey has his own reasons too. McGarrett explains to Joey they're after a Kowloon gang member from San Francisco named Victor Fong (Dana Lee). Joey knows he's the "top dragon" of the gang and if he shows up in Honolulu, the "place is gonna jump". McGarrett wants to prevent a gang war between the Toy Li gang and Kowloons with Joey finding out as much information on Fong as possible so that Chinatown doesnŐt blow up in Honolulu or any other city. McGarrett tells him to re-join his gang and to keep in touch with Five-O. Danno warns him if Joey crosses them, he'll be sent up for more than grand theft auto.

Joey sneaks back into his gang's hangout, a friend's (Michael Hasegawa) apartment. The friend calls out Dave (Ron Nakahara), Julie (Shari Au) and Tripper (David Lancaster) to greet Joey. They go into the other room to celebrate Joey being back.

McGarrett tells the governor about the plan and he loses his mind every which way ticked off. McGarrett calmly reports the warden and a few key guards knew about it and the plan worked. The governor wants to know why he wasn't told before with McGarrett saying he was campaigning on Maui but the governor corrects him saying he was "speaking" on Maui. He demands to know what's going on: McGarrett explains Joey was sent to prison six months ago and was in medium-security when his younger brother was killed in a gang fight. The danger is that Fong wants to organize Kowloon gangs in Chinatowns similar to the Cosa Nostra gangs, which will lead to many more problems. They know Fong is already doing this in San Francisco and LA. McGarrett's plan is to nip it before it gets started with Joey feeding them information and nail Fong in the process. The governor wonders if Joey isn't going to be part of the problem but McGarrett believes he truly wants to see gang warfare end because it's how his brother died. There is also the possibility of a pardon even though nothing has been promised. The governor warns if the operation goes south, Five-O will have a black mark against it that won't easily go away but McGarrett feels it's worth the risk, especially if they can get Fong.

Joey and his friends talk about the latest happenings and how the Kowloons are "gonna walk tall again". Joey's friend says Fong is coming in on the 2nd and then they can take over. Joey gives them grand ideas for their gang to take over everything. Joey does need some clothes and a place to crash with his friends agreeing to hook him up. Most of the friends leave with just Joey and Julie in the apartment but things aren't as cordial as they could be as she was present when his brother was killed. Joey decides to get some sleep.

The next day, the group goes to a Chinese restaurant receiving word Fong will be in on Friday, "the day after tomorrow" and the only word on the street is that Fong is inbound. The restaurant owner (TinHop Pang) places the bill on the table with Dave giving him a hard time because how dare he charge them. Dave folds up the bill and puts it into a teakettle before getting up to leave. On the way out, Joey leaves a $20 bill on his chair without anyone else seeing it. Another group walks in with their leader (Roland Nip) in front mouthing off to Dave. Joey steps in telling him to make his move now or never: in a few days, they won't be able to make a move. A fight ensues spilling out into the street with Joey taking on the leader but a man (Dane Clark) breaks it up by driving up honking his horn. The man is a cop as an HPD unit drives by asking if he needs help as he calls over Joey asking if they were tussling with Toy Lis. The cop recognizes Joey as he mouths off but he gives a story he just arrived from LA. As they walk away, the cop really recognizes Joey and everybody runs as the cop gives chase.

That night Joey goes to an apartment where he meets McGarrett who reminds Joey he's supposed to call every three days. Joey tells McGarrett about Riley, the cop who's been in Chinatown since he was kid. Joey also says Fong is flying in on Friday and will be staying at the Ilikai Hotel. McGarrett wonders where the Kowloons get the money to shell out for the Ilikai with Joey answering donations from the merchants. Joey is wondering what the big deal is as guys who haven't been with the gang for years are suddenly being a part of it again. McGarrett says he wants all the information and reminds Joey to call every three days as he leaves.

Friday morning, the group is at the Ilikai readying for Fong's arrival including Dave telling Joey Fong "ain't no dude. You understand?" Dave then turns to Julie informing her she'll be Fong's "lady" while he's in Honolulu and when she looks shocked, Dave says it was Joey's idea. Tripper shows up with Fong and the group introduces itself: Joey, Howard Lum, Joey's buddy with the apartment and Julie as the Toy Li leader stands close by.

Act Two

The leader brings his gang together telling them what they're up against: the Kowloons have superior numbers and now Fong is in town. The leader goes on saying they're an endangered species unless they do something and they're going to do something. One guy (Benjamin Lum) suggests a warning but the leader says that won't work: they have to "waste them". The gang agrees with the one guy not so sure.

Later, the guy meets Riley informing him of the planned hit on Wednesday. As they talk, McGarrett finds them in an alley where the guy is about to run but Riley tells him to relax because McGarrett is supposed to know about things happening including their meeting. Riley says the Toy Lis are planning to take out the new guy in town. The guy finally repeats what he knows with McGarrett present: it'll happen Wednesday outside the Imperial Gardens where the Kowloons go to dinner all the time. The plan is to shoot from upstairs, across the street with three or four guys shooting. After all the information is passed, Riley pays the kid and he takes off running. McGarrett tells Riley is may not be such a local hit and to trust him, as if Riley has any choice.

Joey calls McGarrett reporting on the latest including there is someone Joey knows really close to Fong. McGarrett wants Joey to be Fong's number one man and tells him about the planned hit. If he does what McGarrett tells him to do, no one will get hurt.

The Toy Lis move in taking over a Chinese shop with the owner (C.K. Huang) urges them to take their money and leave. One young man throws something at the leader but misses but is knocked out by one of the gang members. The owner tells them they'll do as they say but not to hurt anyone else. Once the owner and customers are tied up and gagged, the Toy Lis make their way upstairs to take their shooting positions and wait. Meantime, Duke radios McGarrett saying the Toy Lis are in. McGarrett and Danno move in signaling Riley to back them up. The three sneak in, guns drawn jumping the Toy Li lookout downstairs. McGarrett and Riley silently make their way upstairs taking the Toy Lis by surprise! The people downstairs are okay except one man beaten but Duke is taking care of him. Riley introduces the Toy Lis: Mr. Wong, Mr. Tuck and Mr. Su, the leader. McGarrett then tells Riley to take them and book them for "assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit murder" promising he'll be let in on the operation when the time comes. Riley takes the Toy Lis out quietly. It's now five-O's turn to wait.

Later, the surveillance continues on the Imperial Gardens as McGarrett, Danno and Duke are in position with their own automatic weapons of AR-15s. The Kowloons begin walking out as McGarrett orders them to aim high so as not to hit anyone but to make it look like a legitimate assassination attempt. With Joey and Fong going one direction, Five-O opens fire with Joey firing back nearly hitting Danno! Joey and Fong take off in a beat up Cougar as McGarrett is happy with the outcome: "touchdown".

Act Three

On a newscast, the reporter (Karen Ahn) reports on the arrest of the three Toy Lis as Fong and the Kowloons watch. Fong turns off the television praising Joey for not only saving his life but also leading to three Toy Lis being arrested. Fong informs the group as to why he's there: to organize "the chapter" of Kowloons and unite the gang in the same way as being done in LA and San Francisco. Fong isn't planning on staying in Honolulu, he'll go back to the mainland in New York and Boston just to start. Fong tells them in six months they'll all be rich and have real power as they will be done with the "petty shakedowns". As the group celebrates, Fong calls Joey over to have a private conversation: he wants to make Joey "top dragon" in Honolulu once he leaves. Fong says they talk more about it later but he has to call California. Fong goes into another room pulling out a notebook with a bunch of phone numbers out of a wooden box. Joey sneaks around watching Fong from a distance.

The governor isn't happy with the way things are going as the case appears to be a mess with "a murder attempt, beatings, pillaging, more criminal activity" in awhile. McGarrett briefs the Kowloons are probably flexing their muscle and unfortunately, it's been over a week since they've heard from Joey. The governor becomes less happy with this news and suspects Joey is halfway to Hong Kong by now finding gang life to his liking. He's about to call HPD to pick him up but McGarrett tries to refocus the governor on the true target and goal: Victor Fong and the prevention of the Chinese mafia setting up shop. The governor agrees but tells McGarrett to not let things get out hand and he means it.

The phone rings in McGarrett's office during a pouring rainstorm: it's Danno reporting Joey's been around but no one is giving up anything. McGarrett tells him to stop for the night and they'll meet at 6:00 a.m. to figure out their next move. A knock at the door gains McGarrett's attention and he yells at the door to get a bad Chinese accent in return. It's Joey! Joey figures the Palace is the best place to hide because no one from the gangs would be close to it. McGarrett wants to know what's been going on because they haven't heard from him or been able to find him. Joey tells McGarrett that he's in line to take over once Fong leaves and Fong's plans include pipelines into Hong Kong and Mexico with chapters in every major city. Joey says Fong is "even writing to China". Joey goes on talking about the red book Fong has as a reference. McGarrett wants the book and Joey says it'll take a couple of days. As Joey is about to leave, McGarrett warns Joey not to fall back into the gang like before because time has a way of catching up with people on the street.

Joey shows up at Ilikai looking for Fong who is finishing up with Julie before going out. Fong and Dave leave as Joey and Julie are alone again with her relishing her role as the main squeeze of "the main man". When she leaves, Joey sneaks into Fong's room looking for the book. Joey finally finds it and begins copying the information however, Julie returns to the room spying what Joey is doing. When Joey leaves, she follows him downstairs contemplating her next move.

Act Four

Joey meets McGarrett with what he was able to write down in a short time. McGarrett looks over the information showing "connections in San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas," exactly what he wanted. They split up in short order as McGarrett takes off under the watchful eyes of Howard Lum and Julie.

At the Imperial Gardens, Julie tells Fong what they saw as they followed Joey the whole time. Fong yells Joey was setting him up after he confirms it was McGarrett he was meeting with. Fong decides he'll deal with Joey as they do with any other fink and tells Julie to take off so Joey doesn't suspect anything. As she leaves, Fong tells her she "did good". The restaurant owner overhears the entire conversation.

Later, the restaurant owner calls McGarrett to meet him in the back of the Gardens even though they usually don't call the police in Chinatown. Mr. Chen says he broke the silence once before because he was tired of the bloodshed during the Tong wars and he chooses to talk again, this time about the Kowloons. Mr. Chen tells McGarrett Joey will be killed unless he says something. According to Mr. Chen, they were taking Joey to "Moy Wong Hall for a party". McGarrett thanks him for the information and takes off.

Fong and the Kowloons drive through Honolulu with Joey as Fong explains they're going to another spot for a more private party. Meanwhile, McGarrett, Danno and Duke break into a party at the Moy Wong Hall but there's no Joey and no Kowloons. The chaperone (Soo Yong) tells McGarrett she knows Joey and he's not there. Once they have that, they leave as McGarrett wants Duke to check Joey's apartment and they'll check Fong's hotel room.

At the Ilikai Hotel, McGarrett and Danno find Julie who allows them to search the room. Danno checks it out but no Joey, no Fong or any other Kowloon. McGarrett gives Julie a message for Fong: he'll hold Fong personally responsible if anything happens to Joey.

McGarrett and Danno drive around radioing Riley asking where the Kowloons would take someone for a ceremonial execution: the Bashu building "an abandoned place on Malakai near Fifth, they used to meet upstairs". McGarrett and Danno rush there while Riley calls Duke to meet them there. Riley takes off to toward the Bashu building. They all arrive at the same time with McGarrett telling Duke to call for back up. Riley points out a room on the second floor with McGarrett, Danno and Riley making their way upstairs. Meanwhile, Joey is being beaten up by the Kowloons. McGarrett and Danno break in two doors at simultaneously surrounding the Kowloons. Fong takes Joey holding a knife to his throat, which is a standoff until Duke comes up from behind. McGarrett counts to five with Fong finally releasing Joey with all of them arrested. McGarrett tells Danno to book them all and for Duke to take Joey to the hospital and then home. Riley begins to protest but McGarrett stops him offering to explain over a Chinese dinner, perhaps phoenix and dragon?

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